5 Amazing Tips to set up your Study Table

Where do you usually study? If the answer is “Lying in bed with my laptop on my lap while eating fries and nuggets,” then you may want to start refurbishing your room for work and study. Studying for an exam or writing a report if the study table is arranged and welcoming, will be a far more enjoyable and successful activity. You would just require a little space to set up your study area, be it your room, sitting room, corner of the kitchen or whatever. But, this space must be specifically reserved for schoolwork.

Let’s follow the given tips to set up a great study space for you:

Ideal Location in your Home

In a perfect home, you could devote a whole room to study. If that is not practicable then you will try to find a place away from your home’s noisiest places. Selecting the space next to the playroom for your child or a spot on the kitchen table would just cause disturbance. Consider reusing an existing guest room or basement where available or let it be your big room with a perfect corner for your study table.

A Clutter free Zone

Before you get down to work, you will need to wipe out some debris. A structured workplace has many advantages, such as increased efficiency and lowered stress. Offer some thought in the room to the computer equipment and textbooks that you would require and prepare accordingly. Moreover, you will feel fresh.

Supplies and Storage

Obviously, you would need all the equipment that you use while studying. Your books, course packs, stationary, laptop etc. Never make your study table look too messy that you can’t find the things when actually needed. Keep your stationary like pencil, pens and highlighters in a cup. Place your sticky notes, bookmarks, calculators etc in a separate box/ basket. To keep textbooks and reference books handy but out of the way, put a small shelf or bookends on your table.

Personalize your Study Table

Even because you want a serious work space to be your study table, that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Select the colors and designs of the pieces you need. Have a good lamp or light on your study table. You can place a cookie jar too to make it look fancy and you can eat them while studying. To avoid any kind of pests/ ants coming towards the cookie jar, always remember to close the cap of the jar tightly and place a local ant control and a dustbin under your desk.

Bring Positivity

Through putting up family pictures, or quotes from your favorite book, you will introduce this positivity into your study space too. If you don’t rely on clutter, frequently tidy up your room to keep it clean. You should always know to be praising yourself, as it works as good as learning, because you won it.

If you’ve built the best study space, you’ll love to be there; maybe it’s even your favorite thing in your house. You’re going to be forced to do something there, watching Netflix and chill, settle down and talk with friends but your work room will only be used to work wherever necessary.

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