3 Home Décor Ideas for Gifted Kids

Choosing the right ambiance and décor for your child’s bedroom can encourage him or her to sleep better and study more. Even if your kid is gifted, he or she may need a little assistance to reach their full potential. Here are some helpful home décor ideas for kids with capabilities for high performance.

1. Let Your Child Make Some Decorating Decisions

Along with being unusually intelligent, gifted kids often have a wide range of interests. If yours wants to display their rock collection, paint a mural on one wall, or get furniture in their favorite color, help make that a reality. When they can choose the décor they want and pick out comfortable furniture, they’ll feel less distracted and more at home. Better yet, if they enjoy studying in their room or another part of your home, they’ll do it more often and learn faster.

Some gifted children are sensitive to sounds or the textures of certain fabrics. For example, a creaky chair with rough upholstery could keep some from focusing on their work. There should also be plenty of lighting and enough soundproofing to eliminate distracting noises.

No matter what decorating style your child chooses, make sure there’s plenty of storage space for toys and other items as well. That way, keeping things neat and teaching your child to put away their toys will be easy. Just put storage spaces for younger kids close to the ground where they can reach them. If they use their room to express their personal style, then they will no doubt be more motivated to keep it looking great.

2. Add a Desk to Your Kid’s Bedroom With access to a comfortable desk, computer and good chair, your child will be able to focus on their schoolwork without worrying about back pain, neck pain or aching wrists. Having a dependable place to do homework will make learning to type, doing research and learning about new subjects easier. Gifted kids can take online courses, help their classmates through video chats, email their teachers and more.

Look for desks and chairs with adjustable heights to make sitting more comfortable for the child in your life who still has some growing to do. Some models also come with cupholders, hooks for headphones and more. Make sure the monitor is at your child’s eye level, and look for one with an anti-glare filter or coating to reduce dry eye and fatigue.

3. Make Enjoying Hobbies Easy

Even if your child has a desk they love, they shouldn’t need to spend all their time there. Instead, they should have some multipurpose space where they can relax, try out new hobbies and have fun when they’re done studying. Many gifted kids get bored easily, as they don’t need to spend as much time on homework as most children.

Giving them the opportunity and space to try new activities will keep them from acting out because of boredom. With that in mind, add a bean bag chair for reading, an easel for painting, a telescope to look at the stars, or other useful things to their bedroom or hangout space.

Allow Your Gifted Kid to Shine Brighter

Letting your gifted child make some of their own decorating decisions, getting them a comfortable desk and providing easy access to supplies and resources for hobbies will help them perform even better in school. These ideas can also help them relax and prevent boredom and stress.

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