How to Find a Home Fast in Edmonton

This year, the latest Edmonton real estate statistics suggest a positive trend for potential buyers, owing to the drop in average residential sale price by 1%. It is forecasted to be close to $350,000.

Neighborhoods, such as Oliver and Strathcona, will see a rapid increase in the number of Edmonton homes for sale this year, with the expanding LRT network. Also, implementing the $4 billion Canadian federal housing policy program, this year, is slated to benefit the local buyers.

Below listed are some ways to differentiate the listings to buy your home fastly and profitably.

Right Pricing

In Edmonton, the first 30 days of listing on the market is a crucial period, with maximum activity expected during this timeline. Depending on the prevailing market trends in a neighborhood, sellers set a reasonable price for the homes.

For instance, the average selling price for a modest home in a community in the south-central region of Edmonton is about $550,000. If you are looking in this neighborhood, then you should stick to this price range to find a home.

Check the Location

The location of your home also makes a significant difference in your living experiences and property resale values. The suggestion is to look for the fabulous features every neighborhood has to offer. For instance, having your home close to a mall like the West Edmonton Mall can be a high buying point.

Asking about prominent schools and hospitals nearby, during the open house, is also great for home buyers with kids. Edmonton boasts some of the best farmer markets. Hence, look for such details as well when searching for the best properties across the city.

Attractive Pictures

Potential buyers looking for Edmonton homes for sale must research online first. It is vital to get an excellent first impression of a listing on reputed online portals. Sellers hire professional photographers to capture all the attractive aspects of their home. As a buyer, look for elements like decluttered spaces, clean house, and appealing interior decoration. You can search for beautiful photos on the online listings portals, as well.

Look at the Landscaping

Once you complete your online research, you will most likely pay a visit to the home for a drive-by assessment. When doing so, keep your eyes open to check any messy lawn issues and driveway repairs.

Edmonton boasts historic communities like Queen Alexandra, with charming character homes that are a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern living. If you search a home in such neighborhoods, you might face issues like overgrown hedges. Make sure the exterior aesthetics are as attractive as the interiors of the house.

Look at the Home’s Top Features

Unique architectural character, latest upgrades, branded appliances, and energy-saving features are the primary selling factors in the E-Town. Studies suggest that such features increase the chances of selling a home in the River City by 20%. You may also look for them in your home search to make the most of it.

The Realtors Association of Edmonton reports that the housing sales in February this year in Edmonton were 0.5% higher than the same month last year. With a strategic plan in place, you can surely find your home in The Big E at the earliest.

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