Getting the Most Out of College 

You get out of college only what you want. But, what if you’re clueless? The good news is that you and every other soon-to-be freshman is starting at the same place. There are bookworms who spend most of their time locked away studying and then there are the partiers who seem to find the in-crowd from day one. Somewhere in the middle is a good spot to be, and there are plenty of ways to get more out of your years in college.

Your Achievement

You owe yourself a pat on the back. The college application process is daunting. And, in many cases can cause you to lose all hope. But, you persevered and stayed the course with an endgame in mind. As you enter into a new environment where you might feel like a small fish, it’s good to remember everything you achieved to get here. Whether it was hours spent performing community service, time dedicated to extra-curricular organizations, or going through rigorous sports recruitment processes to continue your athletic career in college – you have committed yourself to making it to college. You should take pride in this fact, and have confidence that the same commitment to make it through your university years.

Don’t Fall Behind

College papers are more difficult to complete than reports or midterms in high school. Even students with a high academic background often run into problems with the format and information required. If you sense that you’re not understanding any part of your class reach out to your professor early on to sign up for extra help with a tutor.

Make Time to Study

As stated earlier, college requirements are much harder than high school. After all, this is higher education. In order to keep your sanity and your stress levels low you must allocate time slots for studying. Some courses may come more natural and you can achieve a solid B or even an A with a little effort. However, there will be courses required that are out of your comfort zone and realm of knowledge where you will need the extra time.

A Place to Study

Many college students spend a lot of time at the library, and for good reason. First, everything you need is there. Second, the college enforces a strict code of conduct so it’s often the best place to lose yourself in your studies. If you have a dorm roommate who has similar goals this may also prove an excellent environment for learning wherein you actually bounce ideas off each other.

Lectures and Extra Classes

In some classes, there are optional lectures or seminars that you can attend to gain a better understanding of the subject. This will allow you to perform better in the classroom and give you a boost of confidence once you start to connect the dots.


Part of the college experience is making new friendships. Since you’ll already a member of the sports team, you’ll go to different schools and mix and mingle with your peers often. It’s ok to get a little goofy from time to time and let your guard down and let your true personality shine bright. This doesn’t mean you should make it a habit to get drunk every weekend at the frat parties. However, having a few beers to socialize and relax after a long week of attending classes and training sessions, once you’re of age, isn’t out of order.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating well while in college is essential to your overall performance and well-being. Make every effort to make good food choices from your meal plan. It’s fine to go for the fast-food every once in a while, but as a regular practice, nutritional foods will keep you strong and focused.

Basically, you get out of college what you put into it. Take advantage of the programs and tutors available, put your efforts toward studying and once in a while, let yourself cut loose to relieve the pressures you’re certainly feeling. It’ll be over before you know it.

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