Avoiding Water Damage in Homes: 5 Pro Tips for Avoiding Water Damage

Leaks and water damage in homes are incredibly common. In fact, one out of 50 homeowners files a water damage claim with their insurance companies every year.

Though it’s common, you don’t have to accept that leaks and water damage will happen to your home. There are a few things you can do to help prevent water damage on your property.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your home safe.

1. Winterize Your Plumbing

When the weather is warm, water can flow through your pipes and water lines easily. As the temperatures drop in the late fall and winter, that water can freeze inside the lines.

When it freezes, it expands and puts pressure on the pipes. If it’s bad enough, the pipes can crack and create major leaks in your home. Stay on top of things and winterize your plumbing.

Turn off the water to your sprinkler system, insulate all exposed pipes, and let the tap run when temps go below freezing overnight.

2. Get Your Roof Inspected

Leaks can happen anywhere on your property, but they’re most common on your roof. The best way to prevent water damage from those roof leaks is to stay on top of maintenance appointments.

Get your roof inspected at least twice a year, once in the spring and again before winter. If your roofer notices any issues, let them fix the damage immediately.

3. Fix Minor Plumbing Problems Immediately

Running toilets and dripping faucets may not seem like a huge deal, but they can be a symptom of major problems in your home’s plumbing. If left unaddressed, those problems can cause severe water damage to your property. Schedule regular inspections with licensed plumbers and call them anytime you think you might have a plumbing issue.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Water Bill

The best way to monitor for water damage in homes is to look at your water bill each month. For most homeowners, the amount you pay should be consistent. If it goes up and you haven’t changed your normal water usage habits, there could be a leak somewhere on your property.

If you leave that leak to sit over time, it can cause serious water damage to your house long before you see any physical signs of the leak itself.

5. Clean Your Gutters

The gutters around your home’s exterior help send runoff from rain and snowstorms off the roof and away from your house. When they’re clean, the water can easily flow to a designated drainage area. However, if they’re clogged, the water will fall over the edge of the gutters and could soak into your home’s siding or foundation.

Clean your gutters every few months or hire a professional to do it for you. This will help keep your walls and foundation safe and dry.

Preventing Water Damage in Homes Is Simple

The key to preventing water damage in homes lies in staying on top of regular maintenance tasks. As long as you keep an eye out for signs of leaks on your property and hire a pro to fix them quickly, your home will stay in good shape.

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