The Top Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to Green Cleaning Products

Each week, Americans spend an average of six hours cleaning their homes. They sweep, vacuum, and mop their floors, wipe down countertops, tables, and desks, and do whatever else needs to be done to keep their homes looking their best.

But far too often, people fail to use green cleaning products when cleaning their homes. Instead, they use cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals that could do them more harm than good while they’re in the process of cleaning.

Many of these old-school cleaning products might get the job done. But at what cost? Rather than continuing to rely on them, you should add eco-friendly cleaning supplies to your cleaning closet and use them from now on.

Here are seven reasons why you should make the switch to green cleaning products.

1. Helps You Keep Harsh Chemicals Out of Your Home Reports have indicated that the average American home contains more than 60 toxic chemicals in it. Many of these toxic chemicals are found in the cleaning products that are used in homes.

Some of these toxic chemicals include:

· Phthalates

· Perchloroethylene

· Triclosan

· 2-Butoxyethanol

Take a look at the back of the cleaning products that you’re using in your home at the moment. If you see any of these chemicals listed, throw these products out and replace them with green cleaning products.

The last thing you want to do is allow these types of toxic chemicals to hang around. They’re going to put you and your family at risk each and every time you use them.

2. Protects the Health of You, Your Family, and Even Your Pets

There is a reason why so many cleaning products contain the toxic chemicals that we just mentioned.

It’s because they make these cleaning products effective. These cleaning products will help you get your home spick and span when you clean it.

But if you, your family, or even your pets are exposed to these chemicals all the time, they can cause all kinds of health problems down the line. You, your family, and pets might be forced to deal with everything from rashes to breathing issues when you’re around toxic chemicals.

3. Lowers the Chances of an Accidental Poisoning Occurring in Your Home

To be clear here: Both cleaning products containing toxic chemicals and green cleaning products should be kept out of the reach of children at all times. You should keep these products locked up somewhere so your kids won’t be able to get to them.

But in the event that your kids are somehow able to access your cleaning products, you’ll be so much better off having green cleaning supplies in your home. You won’t have to worry about your kids ingesting toxic chemicals that could do them real harm.

That’s not to say that green cleaning products can’t cause complications if they’re ingested. But having them in your home as opposed to cleaning products with toxic chemicals will lower the chances of your kids accidentally poisoning themselves.

4. Keeps the Air in Your Home Cleaner Most Americans spend about 90% of their lives indoors these days. They’re almost always inside either at home, at work, or in school.

For this reason, it’s very important for the air in homes, businesses, and schools to be clean. If it isn’t, people will spend all day long breathing in air that contains certain contaminants that can harm their health.

You can’t do much to control the indoor air quality at work or in school. But you can control it at home by using green cleaning products.

These products will keep the air in your home cleaner and safer for you and your family. Visit here to see how these products will help in this department.

5. Prevents Your Local Waterways From Becoming Contaminated

When you use cleaning products containing toxic chemicals to clean things like sinks and toilets, they will end up getting flushed away down the drains in your home.

Once that happens, there is a chance that these products might pollute your local waterways. Things like ammonia and petroleum may end up in the streams, rivers, and lakes in your area, where they can negatively impact animals, fish, and other wildlife.

They can also end up back in your local water supply and return to your home at some point in time. You won’t have to worry about this happening when you choose to use green cleaning products.

6. Encourages You to Establish Other Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Your Home

Using green cleaning products in your home will make you feel good about the steps you’re taking to do your part to help the planet. It’ll also motivate you to implement other eco-friendly initiatives into your day-to-day life.

In addition to adding eco-friendly cleaning supplies to your cleaning closet, you might also start using other eco-friendly products around your home. It’ll make you and your whole family more committed to “going green.” Long term, you will all feel better knowing that you’re using eco friendly products that will have a better footprint on the environment.

7. Cleans Your Home Just as Good as, If Not Better Than, Other Cleaning Products

There are some people who are under the impression that green cleaning supplies don’t work as well as cleaning products with toxic chemicals in them. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Today’s eco-friendly cleaning supplies are designed to work just as good as the tried-and-true cleaning products that people have been using for years now. In fact, many of them will work even better than the products people have traditionally used in their homes.

Consider giving them a try to see how well they work. You might be able to cut down on your weekly cleaning by incorporating them into your cleaning routine.

Buy Up as Many Green Cleaning Products as You Can Today

Have you been thinking about using green cleaning products for a while now but hesitant to test them out for one reason or another? Stop stalling and take them for a test drive.

As you’ve seen, there are so many reasons to start using green cleaning supplies. You’ll be so glad you made the switch once you experience the benefits of using them for yourself.

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