5 Driveway Ideas for Your Home

Your driveway reaches out and welcomes people before any other portion of your property. Yet, people all too often make it an afterthought.

Do not forget about your driveway until it needs maintenance. Give your home a new look with creative driveway ideas!

5 Awesome Driveway Ideas

If you want to renovate your property, why not start where people enter? Read on for ideas on different types of driveways.

1. Asphalt

While most driveways use asphalt as the standard, you can still get innovative! Plan a different shape for your asphalt driveway.

Curving your driveway gives it a winding road appearance that looks different and fun. This look only works with a long driveway, because small curves would make parking difficult.

A U-shaped driveway looks nice and offers a safer option for pulling out onto busy roads. Circular driveways allow you the option to place beautiful landscape or luxurious hardscape in the center, for a more opulent appearance. How much does it cost to pave a driveway with asphalt? This depends on the size. You can typically expect to pay about $5 per square foot.

2. Concrete For material that offers more strength and durability than asphalt, choose concrete driveway paving. Concrete slabs and stones are easier to clean and maintain.

You can replace each individual stone or slab without redoing the entire driveway. It also offers you a creative license, as you can create patterns or throw in a splash of color.

3. Brick

Brick is one of the more expensive types of driveways. But you may find this material well worth it if you can afford the cost.

Brick looks amazing and can withstand the elements. It also offers a slip-proof surface for you to safely walk on in the rain and snow.

Laying brick also offers versatility for colors and patterns. You can install a unique driveway that looks like none other.

4. Sea Shell

For a beautiful and unique look, opt for crushed seashells! The cost of this driveway can greatly vary depending on the availability of this material in your area.

They do crush under the weight of vehicles and whether easily. So, to keep up the look, they need frequent replacement.

It will not work well in areas with high winds, as the crushed pieces can blow away, but offers a serene look in milder climates. People who prefer green options will love that this is the most eco-friendly driveway type of driveway material when purchased from sustainable sources.

5. Grass Driveway Do you want to jump on the next big trend? Opt for a grass driveway!

This eco-friendly alternative offers a number of benefits. They offer easy installation, take more stress than traditional materials, soak up storm run-off, and blend into the surroundings.

Think Outside the Box

Shake up the neighborhood a little! Rather than conforming, choose one of these unique driveway ideas to make your home stand out.

We hope to help sweeten up your home with simply beautiful ideas. Find creative do it yourself decorating tips on our website!

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