5 Creative Tips to Remodeling a Bathroom

bathroom of the hotel rooms, with a shower and a few washbasins.

With an outdated kitchen or bathroom, can your home really meet its full potential? It’s time to remodel your bathroom! All of those outdated features have been bothering you for quite some time now, and you need an update.

When you start remodeling a bathroom, you will quickly learn that there’s an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. What kind of tile will you use? What color should the walls be? Do you need a metal mirror?

What are the best fixtures to install, and will there be a certain theme that you stick with? Trying to figure all of this out last minute might not be the best idea. Instead, you should look over a few creative tips to help inspire the remodel.

Once you have some ideas in mind, you can then start to make a plan for the remodeling process. Are you ready to get started? If so, continue reading below!

Here’s what you need to know!

1. Large Wood Tile

If your bathroom is outdated, then there’s a good chance that its current tile is small square bathroom tiles that you’d normally imagine when thinking of bathroom tiles.  Check out this DIY tile guide to see the latest styles and learn how to start the installation process.  There are some beautiful bathroom tiles to choose from if you’d like to keep that style.  Alternatively, you may decide to go with a more modern bathroom design.

Keeping it modern will ensure that your bathroom stands out and screams, “NEW!” One way to switch things up is to replace your small bathroom tiles with large wood tiles. These tiles aren’t actually made of wood, but they trick your eyes into thinking they’re wood.

It’s a great way to bring in modern and earthy flair into your bathroom design without actually using wood. The tiles are also much larger than a normal square tile. These tiles are normally rectangular shape, larger than other tiles, and feature a wood grain look.

They also come in a variety of colors, which make matching them with your bathroom theme a breeze!

2. Wooden Mirror

When your bathroom feels cold, you can place some warmth in it by replacing your cold metal mirrors with driftwood mirrors. This works well in bathrooms with one sink and mirror, or two! The driftwood mirrors not only bring warmth into the space, but they also make it feel homier by bringing natural elements into the design.

To really tie the driftwood mirrors into the overall look of the bathroom, you can consider installing large wood tiles that have darker hues in their patterns. The darker hues in the tiles will blend well with the dark hues of the driftwood.

All other aspects of the bathroom can stay neutral and light to give it balance.

3. Freestanding Soak Tub

If you’re someone who loves soaking in a warm bath, then you’ll want to consider installing a freestanding tub to soak in. Freestanding tubs have no attachments to the shower, and installing one is a great way to show your creative side. While many other bathrooms have wonderful soak tubs in their design, yours is different because the tub is freestanding.

It’s not placed up against the wall or attached to anything at all, which makes the tub the centerpiece of your bathroom. You can find several different freestanding tub

designs, so be sure to take your time and find one that compliments your personal style!

4. Sophisticated Lighting

When thinking about bathroom lighting, you might automatically think of those boring bulb vanity lights or something similar. This type of lighting won’t work in your bathroom, however. You’re looking for something more creative and unique.

That’s why you need to install sophisticated light fixtures in your bathroom! Consider installing a chandelier, which will look stunning hanging over your freestanding tub. Otherwise, place it in the center of the room to give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

You should also be sure to allow as much natural light into the bathroom as possible. Then, be sure to install beautiful vanity lighting either behind or on the side of the mirror. Use pendant lighting as well to help light the perimeters.

The more lighting options your bathroom has, the more spacious and clean it’ll look. We know how important great bathroom lighting is, but sometimes you need your bathroom to function as a place for relaxing as well. To ensure you get the best of both worlds, place all of your bathroom light fixtures on a dimmer.

You can use the dimmer to brighten or dim the lights as you please!

5. Pebble Tiles

Large wood tiles are amazing for the bathroom floor, walls, and shower walls as well. You can use those tiles in one of the above or all of the above! Even if you decide to use them inside your shower, you can get even more creative by placing pebble tiles in a single row down the middle of the shower wall where your showerhead is.

You can even use the pebble tiles for the floor of the shower as well. Using this type of tile gives your shower a beach feel. It’s creative and something that your neighbors most likely don’t have in their shower!

Get Creative When Remodeling a Bathroom!

When it’s time to remodel a bathroom, you want to go above and beyond. Use these tips listed above to help you stay creative when remodeling a bathroom on your own! Be sure to use these ideas as inspiration for some of your own creations as well.

If you’re looking for more great tips and ideas, be sure to visit us regularly for more posts!

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