4 Smart Ways to Add Life to Boring Walls

Dull walls tend to detract from the overall look of your home and this could leave a poor impression on the guest. Once, it was okay to believe that a simple coat of paint is all your walls need.

Now, there are more interesting options available that have nothing to do with paint. Whether you’re into clean neutral colors or you prefer a mix of different but complementary colors on your walls, here a few smart ways to liven up your drab walls.

1 Add some framed photographs or paintings

You can never go wrong with wall art. This option is also perfect for individuals who prefer clean neutral colors rather than a blend of different colors on their walls.

But adding framed photos of friends and family, or artwork on your walls, you can retain the simple look you love while adding some personality to the room.

Consider adding an oversized wall photo for that trendy look or simply hang a collection of beautiful paintings or photos on a section of the wall. Ensure that they are positioned in such a way that they blend with other furnishings in the room.

2 Reflect the elegance of your room with a few carefully placed mirrors

In the world of home design, certain trends will never go away. Attaching mirrors to your walls is one of the best and easiest ways to add depth to a room. This option is also perfect if you have a small space and you want it to look less cramped.

Mirrored walls reflect the contents of the room and this allows them to create the illusion of a larger space. Once again, positioning and coordination are key. Assess the overall design of the room and choose the best spots to add some mirrors.

With mirrors, there’s no one-size-fits-all so you can pick out different shapes and sizes.

3 Transform your walls with some stylish wallpapers.

Paint is not always the answer to a dull, boring wall and  decorative Wallpapers can do more for your walls than you can imagine. Think of the walls in your home as blank canvasses ready for an artist’s touch.

You are the artist and you have an array of different prints, colors, and textures to choose from – look for colours that are opposite on the colour wheel, as they will go the best together. For example, pale pink and sage green interiors can be used to brighten up a space and will compliment eachother beautifully. Add some large prints with intricate designs for a more appealing visual. Choose textures and patterns that suit your taste and add to the design of your home.

4 Vamp up those bare walls with creative lighting

Installing a light fixture and making it a focal point of the room can distract guests from the simple look of the walls. You don’t have to light up the entire room like a stage. Different lights provide different effects and you can choose to combine various lighting options for a unique look.

Attach some string lights to the wall to create an intimate and cozy feel. You could also place some dimly-lit lamps in various areas of the room for an ambient effect.

Walls are probably the easiest parts of the home to decorate. However, you choose to liven up your walls, be sure that it fits with the overall decor of the room.

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