12 DIY Home Organization Ideas You’ll Love

When your house isn’t organized, it can drive you and your family up the wall as you search for things that never seem to be in the same place. Not to mention that being around chaos can be stressful. To help you find peace again, these 12 DIY home organization ideas are ones you’ll want to try in different rooms.

1. Add Towel Bars to the Inside of the Linen Closet

If you always seem to have too many towels and not enough space, then hang a towel bar or two on the inside of the linen closet door. It could be a towel to grab for cleaning or the one you reserve for guests who show up unexpectedly.

2. Hooks for Pots and Pans

If all your pots and pans don’t fit in the drawer at the bottom of the stove, then stop trying to jam them in there! It’ll only frustrate you, and then the drawer never seems to close all the way.

Instead, put hooks along the sides of cupboards in the kitchen to use the open space for storage. As for the lids, store them in a wall organizer so you can see them at a glance and pick the best one for the pot.

3. Put a Tension Rod inside the Spice Jar Cupboard

Do you use a lot of spices? If so, put a tension bar within the cupboard to make it two shelves rather than one. The small jars will sit on top of the rod and rest on the back of the cupboard.

You’ll maximize the vertical space with this DIY project. A bonus is being able to see the labels at a glance so you can pick them to use while cooking.

4. File Papers by Color

Sort papers so that you can find them easily (and quickly). Instead of having piles of random papers in one room of your home, or on the kitchen table, keep them in dangling file folders within a drawer or storage box.

Go the extra step by color coordinating file folders, depending on the topic. For example, make receipts the blue folder, designate red for appliance manuals, and green for past tax returns. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know exactly where to look for what you need.

5. Skylight above Closet

Without proper lighting, your clothes closet is dark, and you might forget what’s in the back or not see the garments in their best light. To showcase your favorite shirts, dresses, and other pieces, install a skylight above for natural lighting.

  1. Put Up Corner Shelves

Corners are places that can seem awkward to some people, but they’re a great place for shelves. Put books, photos, vases, and more on them.

Shelves add storage space to any room, whether they’re in the corner or not. Get shelving online using NetVoucherCodes.co.uk and save money that you can then put toward the skylight mentioned earlier or another DIY project.   

7. Open Laundry Basket – No Lid!

This one’s a shocker, right? For as long as you can remember, you’ve been hiding your dirty laundry.

But the best way to make sure it always goes into the hamper rather than the floor is to make it super easy for everyone in the house to add to it. So, opt for an open hamper.

Also, put it in the corner of the bedroom or laundry room, rather than tucked in the back of a closet. That way, clothes are easy to toss into it, and seeing the basket is a gentle reminder to use it.

8. Simple TP Organizer

If you’re not sure where to store the toilet paper, here’s a quick solution. Take rolls out of the packaging and put into a magazine holder at the side of the toilet.

Then extra rolls are within reach of guests or anyone in your family who uses up the last of a roll and is looking for more. Decorate the magazine holders if you want, using contact paper to match your bathroom.

9. More on Spices…

Here is another clever home organization tip for spices. Take old baby jar bottles, remove the labels, and wash thoroughly, then fill them with spices for a uniform look.

Next, find free printables online for labels for them. Lastly, store the jars upside down in the cabinet or drawer for a classy look.

10. Takeout Menus Go Here

If you get takeout a lot, group together the go-to menus. Then put them into the fridge!

Yes, that makes sense, right? Put them on the side of a middle shelf in a clear container you can just take out when you want to order pizza or another treat.

11. Cleaning Supply Basket

Rather than having bottles of cleaners spread throughout the house, keeping them in one place is a major time saver. Keep them in a basket or even a plastic bucket so that you can pull it out whenever it’s cleaning time. Conveniently take the basket from room to room with you.

12. Drawers for Under-Bed Storage

Why waste the room under the bed? It’s valuable storage space.

A simple DIY project is to take drawers from an old dresser and put wheels on them. Then fill the drawers with extra clothes as part of your goal to declutter your closet.

Other items to put in the drawers are shoes and extra toiletries. Then roll the drawers under the bed, and just bring them out whenever you want to grab something from there.

Staying Organized

Once done these DIY projects, then it’s important to make sure you keep the place clean and everything in its place. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one. Take your family around the house to show them how to file papers and the new storage locations, like under the bed.

Better yet, involve them in the DIY ideas! Get their ideas on how to improve rooms around the home so that it really is a comfortable place for everyone who lives there and looks great too.


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