Why Busy Moms Benefit From Renting a Storage Unit

A busy Mom needs a helping hand wherever she can find it. As she juggles the responsibilities of maintaining a home, raising a child and making enough money to keep the roof over her head, she can benefit from whatever assistance she can find. And one of the most unlikely places in which she may find it is a storage unit. Believe it or not these safe, secure cosy and affordable little boxes can be a tremendous boon to the busy Mom who never quite seems to have enough space (or enough time).

Here we’ll look at some of the ways in which renting a storage unit can save you plenty of both. With flexible terms, affordable rates and myriad uses a storage unit might just be the busy Mom’s best friend. For example…

Free up closet space

Parenthood changes you in mind and body. As such, your closet might be chock full of stuff that’s no longer suited to your post-baby physique. You need to free up some closet space and make room for more clothes that you can actually wear. Still, you can’t bring yourself to throw out all those gorgeous clothes that you spent years collecting. A storage unit can give you a safe, dry, secure and even climate-controlled space in which to keep your clothes until you’re ready to get your fabulous self back into them.  

Prevent kids toys from cluttering your home

As your kids grow up they’ll be getting through a lot of toys. You’ll need to keep up with their play and learning needs, swapping out familiar favorites with more age appropriate alternatives as they get older. And as the years fly by like minutes it can get more and more crowded in your home. Before you know it more and more of your living space is taken up by boxes upon boxes of toys. They may even spill out and litter your floor. And every parent knows the unspeakable pain of stepping on Legos. 

A storage unit can provide a safe place to keep old toys for you to arrange and either keep, sell or donate to charity.

Store old (or hazardous) furniture

Your little one goes from waddling to toddling they’re likely to want to investigate every inch of your home. And that means a risk of bumped noggins, trips and falls. When your child transitions from all fours to walking upright, you can keep old or potentially hazardous furniture in there to allow for safer toddling and give them more open space to explore.  

Keep treasured possessions

There’s no getting around it. Little ones can be clumsy. Thus, the precious belongings that you once put on display like grandma’s antique plates or your Mom’s china figurines that you’ve loved since childhood are no longer safe. Wrap them up and keep them in storage until your little one has better control over their motor functions.

Storage units are affordable and secure and have a range of uses. Your only limit is your imagination. 

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