Top 4 Family Vacation Ideas

A vacation allows families to spend lots of quality time together, enjoy fun new experiences, and learn about different cultures around the world. However, while planning a family vacation is an exciting time, it can also be stressful — particularly if you’re traveling with young children or it’s your first trip abroad.

With so many exciting destinations around the world, it can be difficult to choose a destination that will be family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone. To help you plan the perfect trip, you may want to take a look at Cebu tour packages. Here are four of my top family vacation ideas.

1. Rent a Motorhome

Renting a motorhome and going on a road trip can be an incredible way to explore a new country or location. A motorhome gives you the ultimate freedom to go where you want and travel at a pace that suits your family. There are many different exciting road trip routes to choose from in the US and further afield, so you’re sure to find a trip that everyone will enjoy.

Motorhomes offer far more space and comfort, which means you don’t need to worry about fitting your luggage or personal belongings into the vehicle. Many motorhomes also come equipped with beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom, so your vehicle will be self-sufficient for the entire trip. This means you don’t need to spend lots of time searching for family-friendly accommodation or planning multiple toilet stops along the way.

If you’re going on a family road trip, then try to make your plans in advance to keep your trip stress-free. Booking RV rentals in advance will allow you to take advantage of the best deals and maximize your vacation budget, so try to get this booked as early as possible.

2. Go on a Safari

A safari can be the ultimate adventure vacation, especially for families who love wildlife and enjoy spending time outdoors. You can book safaris in many different countries around the world, although Africa is considered the premium destination for them. An African safari will allow you to see an impressive variety of wildlife up close as well as some stunning landscapes. You also have a chance to see Africa’s big five — lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo — if you’re lucky.

Many companies now offer family-friendly safaris with excellent facilities such as family lodges, children’s entertainment, and equipment like changing tables and high chairs. You can also easily combine a safari vacation with some time at one of Africa’s picturesque beachside resorts. For example, many families choose to do a safari in Tanzania, followed by a week on the nearby beautiful tropical island of Zanzibar.

3. Book a Cruise

Cruises are a great option for families as they provide a huge variety of exciting activities to keep all ages entertained. The best part of a cruise is that you will have the opportunity to visit lots of exciting new places and attractions, without the stress of arranging travel between destinations.  All you have to do is arrange for  Cruise Parking and you are all set.

Another great benefit of cruises is that they are usually all-inclusive, which means your food, drink, and entertainment are included in the package price. Booking an all-inclusive vacation should save you money in the long-run as you will know the total cost of your trip beforehand and you won’t need to worry about budgeting once you arrive at your destination.

According to, some of the most popular cruise lines among families include Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Lines, and Princess Cruises. These operators offer modern ships with an impressive range of facilities including multiple restaurants and bars, outdoor and indoor pools, games rooms, kids’ clubs, and fully-equipped gyms.

4. Visit Disney World

Disney World is a notably popular destination and can offer a truly magical experience for the whole family as it offers something for everyone. There are exhilarating adrenaline rides for older children and smaller rides and attractions suitable for younger family members. You can also find an impressive variety of other fun activities in the parks including parades, games arcades, water parks, animal safaris, and many more.

Disney World also has a variety of hotels and other accommodation which allows you to stay in the park or nearby. Many of the rooms are designed in a fun Disney theme to give your family a unique and memorable stay. If you are planning a trip to Disney World, then you may want to consider purchasing fast-track tickets in advance. These allow you to skip the lines at most of the park’s main attractions which should greatly improve your family’s experience on vacation.

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