Fab Slabs Cutting Board Review

In the past I’ve done a lot of food posts, including several recipes for grilling and cooking various meats.  Whether your working with your favorite cut of meat or vegetables from the garden, you need a good cutting board!  Enter Fab Slabs.

Their cutting boards are 100% handmade in Australia.  They look very nice and are very sturdy and durable, and best of all, the cutting boards are naturally and permanently antibacterial.  In the past I’ve never been a big fan of wooden cutting boards because of the risk of bacteria, but my husband (who is my grillmaster) LOVES wooden cutting boards, so I was very excited to get one of these from Fab Slabs.

We’ve used the cutting board a few times.  Most notably my husband has used it to cut chicken wings, boneless chicken breast, and pork.  It worked well for him, and the cutting board still looks new!

It does have a few simple care instructions.  The cutting board needs to be handwashed (no dishwashers), and after using the board, you are to put an edible oil on it.  (The people at Fat Slabs recommended grapeseed oil.)  And they instruct you not to leave in soaking in soaping water or let it set in the sun.  So all in all, that is some pretty easy maintenance.

And as I said before, the cutting boards look very nice.  I really like the look of the wood grain, and they also have some interesting shapes available, including a heart.  And you can also have your cutting board engraved.  (That’s great, especially if you are thinking about this for a gift idea!)

Please check out Fab Slabs for more information on their collection of cutting boards and other products they offer.

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