Cindy Karen Leggings Review

As a mom, I love to have clothes that are comfortable, yet fashionable. Even though leggings and yoga pants have been popular for several years, I honestly never got in to wearing them until after my son was born. (Before that, I think I saw them as something just for kids and teens.)  After my son was born, I changed my mind; for one thing, I realized a lot of successful people I look up to on blogs, Instagram, etc were wearing them.  And secondly, after losing my pregnancy weight, I think I actually realized how truly skinny I am and that leggings and yoga pants actually look good on. (This is something my husband has been trying to convince me of for years.)

Today I am reviewing some faux leather leggings from Cindy Karen.  The brand has fabulous tops, pants, jackets, and dresses for today’s business woman.  If you’re in sales and need the perfect outfit for your business luncheon or a blogger looking for something nice to wear to your next blogger conference, this is a great brand to consider!

Cindy Karen is a native of Southern California and spends her time between NYC and Southern California. She was raised in a family of aviation entrepreneurs. Her personal success motivated her to develop this business of making travel easy and stressless. Cindy is determined to find and nurture the jet setter in all of us. Her mission is to encourage and promote travel by making it simple and less overwhelming to just get up and go!


The Cindy Karen faux leather leggings are very soft and comfortable.  I got the size small, and they fit great!  Unlike other leather and faux leather pants, they are easy to move around in.  They are also quite breathable.  You can wear them out and be just as comfortable as you are in your cotton leggings.

They also look very chic and nice!  If you trendsetting business woman, who likes to look good and feel good, these pants would definitely kick your casual or business casual look up a notch.  They would also be great to wear for your ladies night out, a hot date, or a date night in with the hubby!

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