Top Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit Throughout Winter

Winter can be a very difficult time when it comes to keeping fit and healthy, especially over the festive period, but it’s important to try and keep certain elements of health and fitness going even when you break for Christmas. Finding the motivation to be active when it’s dark can be a nightmare, just as eating fresh fruit and veg can be hard when there’s warmer, comforting temptations out there. Continue reading to find out how you can maintain a healthy, happy and active lifestyle throughout the winter.

Kick the Carb Cravings

Trying to ignore carbs in winter is almost impossible, with so many comfort foods, treats and gifts packed full of them, but it is possible to try to kick the cravings slightly. Try to start your day with plenty of protein to keep your body going and prevent you from craving unnecessary foods, as this will keep you going until lunchtime and stop you from snacking in-between. Similarly, when you start to crave chocolate or sweet treats, try to switch your focus to something slightly healthier such as fruit or herbal tea, as this will tide you over until your dinner and stop you from consuming too many extra carbs.

Get into the Garden

It may be cold and often wet outside during the winter, but your garden still needs a little TLC at times. We’re not suggesting you head out with the lawnmower and get to work on the grass, but there are certain tasks that you can do (which will keep you active at the same time) that you’ll be grateful for in the new year. One of the easiest tasks to carry out in the garden during the winter months is to simply rake away any unwanted leaves that are gathering up and causing slippery, cluttered paths and walkways. Invest in some quality garden tools to help make the job slightly easier and dedicate an hour a week to tidying up your garden, as being outdoors is also great for keeping your healthier!

Eat the Right Things

There are certain foods that you can add to your diet during the winter to ensure you stay healthier and keep your immune system strong. One of the best foods to eat throughout the winter is mushrooms. Mushrooms are packed full of immune-boosting health benefits that will see you through the cold, wet months. Mushrooms will help you to fight off certain types of illnesses, as well as provide you with plenty of nutrition at the same time.

Try Home Workouts

Getting out of bed in the dark, putting your gym clothes on and heading out in the cold to the gym is never a motivating experience, but what if you could work out from the comfort of your own home? Trying a home workout routine could revolutionise your fitness regime, with so many options available to keep you active and healthy whilst at home. It’s a win win situation!

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