Fissler Frying Pan Review

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this post. The opinions are my own.

I’ve had some great cookware and some not-so-great cookware.  Last year I was blessed to get a few new pieces to add to my collection so that I could great out a few of the not-so-good pieces!  One of the new pieces of cookware I added to my collection was a frying pan from Fissler.

I received the 9.5-Inch, coated Aluminium frying pan.  These are made in Germany and are compatible induction, gas, electric cooktops.  They are also dishwasher safe.

I was immediately impressed by the quality.  Not only does the product look great (it is shiny and has a very lovely nonstick coating), but it is also very heavy and sturdy.  There are also measuring lines on the side, which is a nice touch!

For the test run, I decided to make spinach and cheese eggs.  Normally I cook eggs in an older skillet. (I don’t ever want to mess up my nice, newer ones).  But I really wanted to give this frying pan a quality test!

The pan is scratch-resistant & stone hard: The non-stick frying pan is coated with silicon carbide particles, which is comparable to the hardness of stones – no more scratching.

My eggs turned out great, of course!  And the non-stick coating worked great.  Check it out:

The above photo is the skillet just after serving up my eggs but BEFORE cleaning the skillet.  As you can see there was NO STICKING!  And I didn’t have to do any scrubbing; I just wiped it out with a sponge, and I was DONE!  This is HUGE for me, because I hate to do dishes, and anytime I can just wipe something out like this for a quick clean, I am happy!

I’ve cooked a few things in the frying pan since then, and everything has turned out great.  The frying pan is deep, so that makes it great for skillet meals, stir-fry, and that sort of thing.  It also continues to clean up easily, with no sticking and no scratching of the pan.  It’s definitely my best frying pan!

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