Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Congratulations! If you are expecting a new member in your family or if you’re here just for gender reveal ideas then you have come to the right place. Pregnancy is an amazing journey and having a gender reveal party is a great way to have fun and surprise your family and friends. Are you thinking of planning a gender reveal party? Or do you want it to be very surprising for everyone, but don’t know how to make it so? Continue reading for an easy how-to guide with unique ideas in which you and your guests will love.

Early Gender Reveal Party

These days, it’s becoming more popular to host gender reveal parties after the gender of the fetus is determined at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. One of the tips for planning a gender reveal party is to get a gender DNA test before 18-20 weeks. The gender DNA test is a blood test that is 99% accurate and it allows the parents to have access to the gender of the fetus as early as 8 weeks. This enables parents to have a gender reveal party earlier surprise family and friends. Another reason why it’s a good idea to get an early baby gender test is that the pregnant mother will not be as tired when enjoying the gender reveal party with loved ones.

Makeup of a Gender Reveal Party

Picking the perfect guest list, theme, food, and invitations are vital in a gender reveal party. The theme and invitations are usually created with the colors pink or blue incorporated in them. No one can decide what color or shade of pink or blue you should have because you should be able to choose what you see fit. Having a nice setting is mandatory and doesn’t need to be expensive. Many choose the outdoors when the weather is great and even their own backyards as the surprise reveal is done in a dramatic presentation. As far as food goes, you can choose a summertime BBQ or whatever you like to serve your guests. Don’t forget the dessert table, cake, and assigning a photographer which are all necessary. Some use cake with pink or blue filling inside to reveal the gender of the baby when it’s cut. Balloons, table decor, table cloths, streamers are the typical makeup of a gender reveal party and are easy and affordable. One of the creative games for your party can be having guests dress up in either pink or blue which will determine which team they will be in and who the winners will be after the gender reveal. The winners then receive a small prize.

Unique Surprise Gender Reveals

We have finally made it to the most exciting part, the surprise gender reveal. You don’t want to just open an envelope announcing the gender. You want it to be a unique and memorable moment. There are many creative ways to do this. You can have a dark balloon or piñata that has pink or blue colored confetti in it and releases the confetti once popped or cracked. Another idea is using powder or confetti-filled compressed air cannons to pop with your partner. A closed banner or box with pink or blue balloons inside which will fly in the air once opened is an adorable surprise as well. Regardless of how you surprise your loved ones, remember to be happy and grateful always. 


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