Everything You Need to Know About Hamster Care

Image Source: RSPCA

Hamsters make wonderful pets, especially when it comes to a family’s first pet with younger children. With several different breeds of hamster, it’s important to know what you want before you make a purchase, as they can vary in size, temperament and so on. You usually find that hamsters live to around 2-3 years, so you’re not committing to years and years of care and attention, which many families often struggle to do making hamsters a better option over dogs or cats. Just like any pet, hamsters require a certain level of love and attention, with the right care to keep them healthy, happy and strong.

The Needs of a Hamster

All hamsters are different, but they all have similar needs when it comes to the way they are cared for. Whilst there isn’t an exact way to care for them, it’s still essential to follow the normal steps in taking care of them to ensure they are healthy and living a high-quality of life. Once you get to know your hamster, you will start to pick up on its needs, what it likes and doesn’t like and so on. This will help you to care for your hamster in the very best way, as you’ll start to know what they like to eat, when they like to eat, whether they like being handled a lot and other important things like that.

Let Them Explore

You’ll find that, no matter what breed of hamster you have, they all love to explore. From nuzzling into their hay bedding to playing with the cardboard from toilet rolls, hamsters will do their very best to explore their area and get great entertainment from this! To help encourage your hamster to explore and stimulate them, you can invest in some great small animal toys that are designed to add adventure to your hamster’s cage. From exciting see-saws to tuff tubes, you can find a great range online here from big brands including Ancol, Rosewood Pet and more. Providing your hamster with a space that they can enjoy will really help to keep their brains active, keep them healthy and ensure they don’t become bored.

Nutritional Essentials

Even though hamsters are only very small, they require a specific balance of nutrients to ensure they stay happy and healthy. The main food that hamsters enjoy is simple pellet food, as this helps to keep them active and full without taking away any of the vitamins they require. You should be feeding your hamster every single day, with their bowl three quarters full to ensure they have a constant supply of food. Hamsters also love to graze on vegetables like carrot and kale, which helps to vary their diet a little and give them something interesting to eat every now and then.

Plenty of Playtime

With their love of exploring, hamsters also love to stay active and play. Investing in a hamster wheel or ball is a really good way of getting their exercise in and providing them with hours of entertainment. These items are also ideal for your own peace of mind. Hamsters are very small, so you want to keep an eye on them at all times and when safely inside their hamster ball you can rest assured, they aren’t able to escape or explore the rest of the house!

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