Document Your Project with Time-Lapse Construction Cameras

You can immortalize many months of construction work and value it by employing a time-lapse camera. With custom time-lapsing, management and monitoring will become easy. Broadcasting during the inauguration and posting on social media are also possible with these construction cameras. Time-lapse is an essential added value that helps stimulate the team, follow the project progress, and show the outcome of the work.

Why use a time-lapse camera?

Construction site cameras can provide long term work of time lapsing. Likewise, they can give many months of battery life as they are explicitly made for time-lapse. If you are planning to use the time-lapse construction camera for outdoor use, make sure you install it in a weatherproof housing with the help of a clamp.

Purchase two camera systems and use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Having multiple cameras will give you flexibility and redundancy in the event of accidental or natural occurrences. Additionally, the cameras offer some variety, allowing the users to view the situation from different angles.

Integrate your camera usage with a construction management program with track progress over time software to track other aspects of the project. This can help you save plenty of time and money while providing keen insight into the entire process. That’s way, you should also have some hard data that’ll help you maintain a level of accountability and professionalism on the job.

The right placement of the time-lapse camera

Preferably, avoid placing the cameras directly under the sun. Facing the north direction is a great option. Also, it is better to prevent transitions of sunset and sunrise, as they can be difficult to watch when played back quickly. The time-lapse camera typically comes with a timer feature that can help avoid sunset and sunrise. Consequently, the construction camera company can help polish the final video.

When it comes to bad weather, look for housing that is weather-resistant as it can withstand all climates. Wrap the seal of the housing securely to block the rain from coming into contact with the housing seal. Even indoors, the house of the camera must allow you to smoothly remove the unit, change the batteries, and replace the camera without the need to change its position.

Ongoing maintenance of a construction camera

It is vital to check the construction cameras regularly. Performing an inspection every month for a long-term construction project is ideal. While the batteries can last for a long time, there are a variety of factors and unavoidable occurrences that can affect the cameras. For example, the time-lapse cameras might get covered with paint or knocked down, thus wrecking the footage.

Even though rare, these accidental circumstances can be the causes of the failure of a project. These are common reasons why you need to install multiple cameras on the job site. Position the cameras on different locations to view from a broader range of angles.

A time-lapse camera is an efficient way to retain occurrences and memories from the construction site. This camera is also a great way to monitor and showcase the project. Further, a time-lapse video shows the whole project story from remodeling to new construction. Everyone in the project can see how the action in the job site is unfolding and address issues early. Whatever the goals of the project are, accomplish them professionally with polished time-lapse films.

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