Businesses You Can Run from Home

Running a successful business from home has never been easier. With that said, hard work and grit are required for business success regardless of the environment or setting. What’s more, you need a good business idea, particularly one that works well when operated from home.

Here are several great business ideas that are suitable for home-based operations:

Real Estate

Buying, renovating, and selling properties is a great business idea. Since the majority of the work is being done on-site, you don’t need a dedicated business location. This is especially true considering how Lantzman Lending and other lenders specializing in property investment loans allow borrowers to apply and be approved entirely online. A spare room to make your office, a place to store your equipment, and a truck or other heavy-duty vehicle are all you need to get started in the fix-and-flip real estate business.


Are you a whiz in the kitchen? If so, consider turning your knack for baking into a business run from home. While you might need to invest in some upgrades to appliances and other equipment, a home kitchen capable of handling the duties of feeding a family is enough to manage the demands of a smallscale bakery. Just make sure to check if any local or federal regulations may apply to food businesses such as your own. What’s more, develop a business plan that minimizes waste to ensure the biggest return on your investment.


Most people interested in getting into e-commerce think they can’t compete with Amazon. The truth is that, as long as you can offer free and/or fast shipping and make it cost-effective on your end, running a small e-commerce enterprise is within your reach. This is especially true considering the growing number of fulfillment centers specializing in smaller e-commerce businesses. Just make sure to have an easy-to-navigate website for online shoppers to use and invest in appropriate marketing strategies.

Arts & Crafts

Artistic ability and creative savvy are potential goldmines for aspiring entrepreneurs. The internet has made reaching potential customers a relative breeze compared to decades past. Whether it’s painting custom pet portraits, designing original jewelry, or screen printing wickedly awesome graphic tees, there’s no shortage of possibility. All these and more artistic enterprises can be easily done from home.


Most people overestimate how much effort and ingredients go into the production of beauty products. With naturally-sourced cosmetics and skincare products becoming increasingly in demand, home-based beauty brands can make an impact on a seemingly saturated market. Consumers are actively seeking out alternatives to the big-name brands, creating an opportunity for cottage industry cosmetics and smallscale skincare companies to sell to customers worldwide and create brand loyalty in the process.


Have you worked in a particular industry for a decade or longer? Has your experience given you tremendous insight into how the systems and operations function? If so, consider becoming a consultant for hire. Offer your expert insights to companies in need of assistance. It’s a freelance-type position that gives you tremendous freedom, including the ability to manage most of your responsibilities from home.

Owning and operating a home-based business has become a more feasible option for individuals. This is mostly thanks to the proliferation of internet access and web-enabled devices. But it’s also reflective of a growing preference among consumers to support small businesses and find boutique alternatives to big box stores.

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