4 Ways to Lower Your Home’s Energy Usage

You get the electric bill, and each month you’re shocked at how much it is—and it’s getting higher! That means it’s time for some changes that don’t involve you getting solar panels installed on your roof, because who’s going to pay for that? For affordable and easy ways to lower your electric bill each month, keep reading.  And check out electric companies in texas for all your power options.

Update Your Blinds

Heat enters your home through the sunlight that streams into your windows. In the summer, this is a pain because you lower your thermostat, hoping that it would help. What about blinds and more window treatment options? Window blinds can eliminate that sunlight that streams in during the summer months altogether. Look for companies that offer services for blinds and more options for your windows that will block that extra sunlight in the summer and vice versa in winter. Make the sun work for you and watch your bill drop.

Unplug Small Appliances

When you’re not home during the day, you probably turn off all of your lights. But have you considered unplugging appliances that you don’t use every day? Think small appliances like your iron, toaster, toaster oven, or coffee maker. Believe it or not, but just because you aren’t using an appliance, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still using energy. If it’s plugged in, it’s still taking in power – the power that you are paying for each month! So, if you don’t use the appliances every day or if you and you’re finished with it for the day (like your coffee maker), then unplug it. In addition to saving you energy, it’s also a lot safer to keep unused appliances unplugged and out of the way.

Use Smarter Lightbulbs

Though Edison is a genius and he gave us light. He didn’t yet know just how much energy his bulbs would use. And they use more than you think. So, it’s time to upgrade to energy-efficient bulbs. Even though they are costly, they do last longer and use less energy. Energy-efficient light bulbs are a small investment to make in lowering your home’s energy usage. Every home needs light to function. Why not use light bulbs that will save you money?

Check Your Large Appliances

Are your appliances energy efficient? If not, can you afford to make the switch? Energy-efficient appliances are designed to save you money on your electric bill. Though they will cost a pretty penny upfront, just like the light bulbs, they will save you more money in the long run. This is a big commitment to make, but think about how often you use some of your large appliances like your refrigerator, microwave, and washer and dryer. The appliances will most likely pay for themselves via the money you save on your energy bill in just a few short months! Definitely don’t take on the purchase lightly, but consider it if you’re genuinely interested in lowering your monthly electric bill.

Your home runs on electric, so you’ve got to pay that bill every month. Nevertheless, you can reduce it by using some of the simple hacks mentioned. Nobody’s bill should shock them each month, and by making some smart changes, your bill doesn’t have ever to surprise you again.

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