Top Home Improvements You Probably Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Thanks to home improvement reality shows and blogs DIY has caught on everywhere. Homeowners are learning just how easy and cost-effective it can be to complete home maintenance and repairs on their own. While it can seem like a win-win (maintain your asset and save money), that’s not the case for all home improvement projects. 

If you were to do a quick online search of DIY mistakes or disasters, you’d find a ton of stories of homeowners who attempted to complete projects on their own that backfired big time. It ended up costing them more money to have a professional come out and fix what they damaged while also taking care of the original repair. 

Not to discourage you from doing your own home repairs and improvements, but there are some things that really should not be done without professional assistance. How do you know which projects are safe and which you should hire a contractor? Check out this list below: 

Electrical Projects

Electricity is dangerous to anyone that doesn’t have adequate education and training. You should never try to work with electrical wiring on your own. You run the risk of getting electrocuted or starting a house fire. As electrical wiring runs throughout the home, you should hire an electrician when doing everything from installing a ceiling fan to a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You can visit sites like to find certified electricians servicing your area. 

Significant Structural Changes

You don’t know how many DIY disaster stories there are from homeowners who tried to make structural changes on their own. They suddenly decide that they want an open-concept kitchen and knock down a wall. Only the wall they knocked down happens to be load-bearing which causes a ton of mess. 

There’s more to a wall than meets the eye. Behind many of them, you can find everything from plumbing to electrical wires. If it is also a wall that serves to support the weight of the property, removing it can result in significant structural damage. So, any time you want to tear down a wall, it is best to at least hire a contractor to advise you on whether or not tearing it down would cause an issue. 

Roof Repairs

Cleaning your gutters is one thing, but trying to install a roof, repair damage, or any other roofing repair without assistance is an accident waiting to happen. Without the proper safety gear and equipment, you increase your chances of falling and getting seriously hurt. Not to mention, if you damage the roof while trying to repair it, it will most certainly cause other issues around the house like leaks and water damage. It is a safer bet to hire a roofing contractor to maintain and repair your roof for you. 

Tree Removal

Dead trees can become a serious issue for homeowners fairly quickly. They need to be properly removed to prevent them from falling and causing damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, or hurt someone passing by. While it might seem simple enough to grab a chainsaw and begin hacking away, cutting trees is a lot more complex than you think. Cutting the wrong way could lead to property damage or injury. It is best to contact an arborist or landscaping company to have them come and cut the tree safely for you. 

Other Factors to Consider

These aren’t the only home improvement projects you probably shouldn’t complete on your own. Before deciding to do any project yourself, consider these factors: 

  • Knowledge – how much do you know about what you’re trying to accomplish? If you don’t have much comprehension on the topic, chances are you shouldn’t be doing it yourself. 
  • Tools – While some home repairs and maintenance projects require nothing more than a hammer and a few nails, there are others that require more advanced tools and equipment. If you cannot afford or do not have these tools readily available, you do not want to complete the job yourself. 
  • Permits – Each locality has its own rules and regulations as it pertains to getting home improvement projects permitted. These permits are to ensure that the work is done up to code and also means that your work will be evaluated by a city or county inspector. Unless you want the headache of going through all the red tape, it is probably best to hire a contractor to ensure the work is done appropriately. 

No one is against saving a few bucks while also maintaining your property, but it is important to play it safe. Trying to complete a home improvement project that you’re not skilled enough in or is very risky can cause you more harm than good. If you’re not sure you should be completing it on your own, it is best to start searching for the best-qualified contractor to get it done for you. 

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