Need A Family Dinner Idea? Get Some Pork On Your Fork! 

In our fast-moving society, families across the country are losing the ability to sit together and have a chance to really connect with one another through conversation.  With classes, sports, jobs, and workouts, each family member may be operating on their own program for the majority of the day— which turns into a majority of the week, and so the vicious cycle continues.  Having a family dinner together is a great way to create a familial connection on a daily basis, which cultivates the closeness and bond that we all long for with those we love most.  

So how does a family on the go stop dead in their tracks for a meal together? One way to get all those agents of chaos to fall in line for dinner time is to make sure that the meal you all share is as delicious as much as it is nutritious.  There are so many delicious meal ideas that are quick, convenient, and centered around one of the most versatile and widely available meats on the market today…Pork!  

Pork is a red meat that is derived from pigs, and it’s the most commonly consumed red meat worldwide.  It is high-protein meat that is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that all play a huge role in overall health.  Lean pork (that is trimmed of visible fat) is nutrient-dense, satisfying, and good for you. Pork cuts like that of tenderloin, loin chops, and sirloin roast are made from lean cuts and are more healthy than chicken.  

Flavorful and inexpensive, pork is the underrated, jack-of-all-meats that works in all kinds of dishes— from “Taco Tuesday” to “Stir Fry-day,” it couldn’t be easier to be the culinary dynamo your family has always wanted you to be, and create fresh dinner ideas with all of the different types of pork cuts at your fingertips.  Here are 3 quick and easy ways to get a little bit more pork on your fork, and spread more joy around your family’s dinner table.


We all love the taste of pulled pork tacos.  Having a taco bar with some delicious pulled pork in the spotlight will have your family coming back to the table time and time again.  With a recipe that is as simple as it is delicious, your family won’t be able to say no to taco night!


Standard spaghetti and meat sauce is always a crowd-pleaser, but….snooze.  Try, instead, a savory asian twist on a family favorite to create a bowl of goodness that is way more exciting and just as easy to throw together.  Sometimes, all it takes it an innovative, spicy pork twist on a classic red sauce to create to bring the family together week after week.

Pork Salad Wraps

For those who are more health-conscious, and looking for a healthier way to serve the ones they love, look no further than a fresh lettuce wrap stuffed with savory pork tenderloin!  What better way to take the “bad rap” away from salad than by creating a finger-lickin’ fresh way to get some veggies on the table for your family. No one will bat an eye at the fresh veggies they’re scarfing, as long as the pork is juicy, savory, and as delicious as family dinner should be.

Although none of us can keep life from charging us at what seems like warp-speed, all of us can make the choice to slow down, connect with one another, and create the connection we all long for over the pork we all share with our fork.


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