Must Haves For The Master Bedrooms of Your Dreams

In terms of where in the home to invest the largest portion of your decorating budget, I have always been a fan of spending big in the bedroom. Of course you want the home to look great in the communal spaces so that you can impress your neighbors , family and friends, but based on pure pragmatism you are going to spend far more hours in your bedroom than they will spend in your hallway and living room, which is why I’ll always go bigger in the master bedroom. There are some must-haves that you should focus on here which will help you to create the bedroom of your dreams.

The Main Event

The main centerpiece of your bedroom is the bed and I’d advise you to spend a lot of time researching and choosing the perfect bed, and spending as much as you can on getting it right. If you are designing a French provincial bedroom then investing in a glorious four poster bed is going to be the cherry on the cake and give you a room to be proud of. If you are opting for modern then floating beds look incredible, if you are going for a sanctuary style bedroom then a chunky sleigh bed can really set things off. This should be your first priority. 

As well as choosing the perfect bed frame, you also need to think about selecting the best mattress. Mattresses are overpriced but there are always options to save money here and get a great choice to match your bed. Remember, you need to test out a mattress to guarantee it does provide the right fit for you.


The master bedroom has many uses, all of which call for different levels of lighting. You want a sombre feel as you read unwind to go to sleep, a bright light as you get up and start your day and perhaps even separate spotlights if you want to read a book before bed, but your partner does not. Explore lighting options such as dimmer switches for the main lights and always seek out smaller spotlights for each side of the bed.

End of Bed Seat

I must confess that I always looked at those chaise-longue style seats at the bottom of people’s beds and thought that it was a preposterous idea and something which

really wasn’t necessary. As we decorated our bedroom however my wife really had her heart set on it and given that I got the bed which I had been after, I compromised and we bought a long seat for the foot of the bed. I have been proved completely wrong with this and to be honest it is one of my favorite features in the room, behind the bed of course. I use this when I put my shoes on and take them off, to sit down and read, as a perfect place to sit and get my head together for the day ahead and I love the additional option which it gives us beyond sitting on the bed. With this we know use the bed to sleep, and the long chair to sit down and relax.

Get your bed sorted, make sure the lighting is beautiful and go get one of those seats which you can place at the foot of your bed, an absolute game changer!

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