AC Troubleshooting – Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

It is one of those unfortunate and highly annoying moments that can happen, the summer days begin, night draws in, it’s hot and sticky so you reach for the AC, expect it is not blowing out the old air you so desperately need. There are many reasons why your AC is not cooling and whilst there is no good time to discover this, unless you happen to flick it on during winter, there are very often simple explanations to what is going on with your AC. Here are some things to check before you call the repair team from Air Conditioning Repair Denver CO in a panic.

Clogged Air Filter

When I lived on the Gold Coast we had an instance like this and I immediately hit Google and searched ‘repair air conditioning Gold Coast’ in the hope that someone would be around at 3am, they sadly weren’t. I took matters into my own hands and discovered that the air filter was thick with dust and grime. This was blocking the cold air coming out, so I simply changed the filter and everything was back up and running again.

Dirty Coils

The coils inside the AC unit are what helps to cool the air which it is taking in before it is pumped back out into the room. If however these coils get dirty or have debris stuck to them then they will not be able to efficiently cool the air. Check the condenser coils in your AC unit and if required give them a wipe clean and see if that helps to remedy the issue.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat has a sensor on it which detects the temperature in the room and then activates or switches off the cooling system. If however your thermostat is faulty it will not be able to detect he rise in temperature which is why the cold air may not be coming out.

Faulty Parts

Whilst there could be a quick fix to your AC woes, there is also the very real possibility that some of the parts in side the unit are faulty and need to be replaced. Generally parts will break down after a period of inactivity which is why you may find that on the first day of summer is the time when you realize that the AC unit isn’t doing its job. Everything has a shelf life including parts for an air conditioning unit.

Faulty Remote

Another personal experience of mine was that the AC unit wasn’t working, I checked the filters, the coils, the coolant and everything I could think of before giving up in a bad mood. I called out someone to take a look at I was most embarrassed to discover that the issue preventing me from cooling down was in fact the remote control, rather than the unit. This is a possibility so be sure to test out another control if you have it, or replace the one you have.

Don’t panic, check out these possible issues and you’ll be cool in no time.

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