Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

Roofs are designed to last for decades, with most having an average life expectancy of 30-50 years depending on the material. While this is beneficial for those who are building new homes, families living in older homes will likely have to think about a roof replacement sooner rather than later. If you’re thinking about a replacement for your own home, you should start by looking for roof installation services in Minnesota (or your own area). But if you aren’t sure if it’s the right time, then look for the signs below. These are warning signs that your roof is failing.

1. There’s Damage

A visual inspection is an excellent way of determining the shape of your roof and if there is any damage present. You can do this yourself or hire a professional, depending on your experience and confidence. Once you get a visual, it’s important to note if there are any areas missing materials or if there is obvious damage such as cracks and holes. It’s also important to look for water that might be pooling in one area after a storm.

Tip: The experts at FirstClassSlateRoofing recommend hiring a professional if you’re not comfortable going on your roof. Have them do a full inspection and they’ll give you personalized advice about your need for a replacement roof.

2. Water is Leaking Onto Your Ceiling

As roofs get older, their materials can become damaged or even fly away with bad weather. When this happens, water from rain can soak through the roof and eventually find its way into the home. This can cause water damage that leads to dark circles on your ceiling.

3. It’s Old

One of the easiest ways to tell if your roof needs replaced is by simply figuring out how old it is. Asphalt shingle roofs tend to last around 20 years, while tile, slate, and copper should last roughly 50. If you have wood shake roofing, this can be expected to last around 30 years. Once you know the material and when the installation was done, it will be easy to determine if your roof is reaching the end of its life.

4. Signs of Decay

If you see tiles that look rotted through, tiles that are broken, or even mold that’s growing on shingles, these are all signs that rotting has started to take place. Once this happens, it’s important to act fast and have your roof replaced with something safe and sturdy.

5. Your Gutters are Full of Debris

Traditional asphalt shingles will crumble as they get older, which can result in debris inside of your gutters. While a small amount is to be expected after a bad storm, excessive amounts are a cause for concern. When there are many pieces or even small particles, this means your roof is deteriorating and there could be bare spots that make your home susceptible to water damage.

Creating a Stronger Home

A new roof might be a costly investment but it’s one every homeowner has to make at some point. By keeping an eye out for the signs above, you will be able to tell when it’s time to get started with this change. Fortunately, by taking care of it right away, you’ll be able to enjoy a stronger home and potentially avoid damage from inclement weather.

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