A Guide to Taking a Road Trip Across the US

Taking a road trip is always exciting: the open road, the possibilities, the time you get to spend with family and friends.

All 50 states have their own unique landscapes and places to visit and experience and driving through even just a handful of them will give you a wildly different experience in each. You can get a taste for each of them when you drive by and spend a little time getting to know them. A road trip across the US is a once in a lifetime trip, depending on how far you go.

For a long trip like this, you’ll want to pack and plan well!

How to Pack

As you may be aware, the states have incredibly different climates and weather patterns, so you’ll want to check ahead what the weather is going to be like for everywhere you go.

It can be difficult to know what to pack when you’re going to so many different places and spending so much of that time in a car or driving it.

It’s best to pack a variety of clothes so that you’re prepared for anything the weather decides to throw at you. Be realistic, though; if you’re planning to go next summer, you probably aren’t going to need your winter boots, even if places like Boston are known for their snow.

Avoiding Boredom

In between your many exciting destinations, you’re probably going to reach a point when you and your passengers are bored from driving. Eye spy gets dull after a while, after all. You should prepare for this by coming up with some games to play together beforehand, whether this is a handful of playing card games, or ones you make up yourself. Of course, you could always bring along some handheld gaming consoles, but the point of the trip is to spend time together. Invent something you can all do together and keep yourselves entertained on your long journey. That being said, when you do get the chance to stop for a break, there’s no harm in playing a few rounds of your favorite one-player game, whether that’s solitaire, a racing game, or even a digital crossword or wordsearch, to help you wind down and refocus.

Preparing Your Car

Your car that you use day-to-day might not be up for such a trip as this one. Renting a car from E-Z Rental Car means you can use a car that is specifically intended for vacations. Bring along some comfortable pillows and blankets for when you’re taking a break from driving, and you can make the rental car feel as if it were your own. If you start your trip by flying into your first destination, you can pick up the rental car right at the airport and get your road trip going straight away.

Your road trip will give you many fun memories to look back on, and you will get to experience so many different places in the US all on one vacation.

Following these simple tips will help your road trip go smoothly and make the experience one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Remember to fill up with gas every now and then, and you are good to go!

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