5 Tips for Decluttering Your House and Keeping It That Way

Clutter throughout your home can make it feel smaller and cramped, no matter how much space you started with. In addition to this, clutter can become a danger to anyone living in the home, especially kids and pets. If you’d like to cut down on the clutter so you can live more comfortably and safely, then the tips below can help. They’re some of the easiest ways to boost your organization and get the mess out.

  1. Use Storage Bins

Storage bins can easily be packed and labeled to keep things stored together and moved out of the way. You can keep these in closets, underneath beds, or on shelves inside of your garage. These come in a wide variety of sizes, so you should easily be able to find some that fit in the space you have available. However, it’s important to always make sure you label these so you can retrieve what you need without having to search through several bins.

  1. Sell, Keep, and Donate

Go through each room in your home and decide which items you’ll keep, sell, or donate for someone else to use. By doing this with everything that is taking up space, you’ll be able to get rid of more than you might think. While it might be difficult to let some things go, remember that they’re not benefiting you by taking up space. Most things can easily go to homes where they’ll be much more useful.

  1. Find a Place to Store

Many people live in homes with very little extra space available for storage. Those in this situation should consider renting a self storage unit. These are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose which works best for the number of things you need to store. Storage units are also beneficial because they are secure, easy to access, and can be climate controlled. With one of these, you bring belongings in and take them out as often as you would like.

  1. Install Garage Shelves

The space inside of your garage can be used to keep storage containers, large pieces of decor, paint cans, and other items that just don’t fit inside of your home. To prevent damage, it’s recommended to install shelving along the walls of the garage. This will allow everything to be safely stacked in the most secure manner possible. What’s even better is that you’ll be using vertical space instead of floor space, so you can still have a place to park your car.

  1. Find Functional Storage Furniture

Functional storage furniture is crucial for homes that have a lot of stuff without adequate space to keep it. Storage ottomans are among the most useful, as these can keep shoes, blankets, pillows, and other small items off of the floor. Fabric storage baskets kept in cubed organization shelves are also excellent for storage. You can use these in each room to keep everything from toys to clothes out of the way. Last, but not least, beds that are higher off the ground can offer a lot of storage space underneath them. You can use this to keep off-season clothing, decor, pillows, or toys.

Creating a More Comfortable Space

By cleaning out your home and implementing the storage solutions above, you can get rid of quite a bit of clutter. This can make it easier to walk around and safer for pets and kids to play. In addition to this, it can ensure you don’t have an overwhelming amount of “stuff” in your home that you won’t ever touch.

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