Family Road Trip To South Carolina

Heading down south, the east coast is by far one of the best places to have a family holiday road trip. South Carolina is a little more exotic than her larger brother to the north. Neighboring Georgia and Tennessee, it’s got a classic southern charm. You can expect plenty of seafood, sunshine, humidity, tropical foliage and amazing music. The Blues of course comes from the south of America, and those that love this genre will be right at home in this amazing state. It’s got everything you would expect in a southern coast state. Palm trees, beaches, rivers and incredible wildlife. There’s also a love for nature, so you’ll find amazing parks, gardens and countryside that is cared for by the locals. Yet it’s large enough that you would want to be in full control of your adventure by driving around by yourself. Thankfully the large open roads and highways allow even a large vehicle to pass through without trouble.

You mode of transport

Family road trips come with the same risks as any other. If you’re trapped in a small space for a lot of the time when you’re traveling, people are bound to get on each other’s nerves. That’s one of the reasons why you need a vehicle that is long and wide. Exactly 24 passengers can fit into a mini bus like this. It has high back reclining seats so passengers can relax and snooze off after a long day. It’s also got a TV and DVD player so the kids can watch their shows while you travel for miles and miles on the road. There’s plenty of room for everyone’s luggage and crucially, there’s air conditioning to keep everyone cool in close quarters. 

The swamps and trees

Congaree National Park is one of the highlights of South Carolina. It’s one of those places that capture a state in every respect. The swamps and the tall trees are a hallmark of this state’s nature and landscape. One of the best reasons for coming to this park is, you can explore it without the need to ‘stay on the path’ like most other national parks demand. You can go for an adventure without being told where not to go. The forest is around 11,000 acres and thankfully most of the forest was saved from the logging explosion that really heated up in the 60s and 70s. In 1976 it was declared a national park so now, there are trees that have stood for hundreds of years, still standing intact.


A contemporary Carolina

It’s easy to think of southern states as a bit old fashioned and set in their ways. However the Haley Institute of Contemporary Art shatters this stereotype. Here you’ll find modern cutting edge art that will challenge the galleries in New York City and Los Angeles. A notable figure in the American Art world, Mark Sloan is the director of this amazing gallery so you can expect challenging concepts and abstract art focusing on modern day issues.

South Carolina is far more exotic than North Carolina and the amount of national parks in the state prove this. The beaches and restaurants are amazing but there’s also plenty of culture to absorb too. 

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