Benefits of Getting Anxiety Under Control

Anxiety riddles millions of people, of all ages, from all walks of life, and with some structure in place and exercises to implement when it gets to be too much, can be something of the past, or at least a very small part of life instead of an all-encompassing part it feels like. When it rears its ugly head, it can bring about intense feelings of overwhelm, lack of control, panic, fear, and the walls closing in. Thankfully, there are a number of exercises, resources, structures and things to put into place to take control of your own life, and your own anxiety. Learning to use it as a tool of good and productivity, instead of letting it control every piece of your life is something strived for and achieved by many that put forth the time, energy and effort. Consider these options and benefits for yourself:

Identifying triggers and root causes. While this seems quite challenging to many, it can be explored from a variety of angles and perspectives, to identify and name root causes and triggers of your anxiety. It can be something simple like dirty dishes in the sink – this is something that’s easy to remedy and prevent. Triggers can also be as complex as a certain sound heard in various situations, like a certain type of voice or words. These are more challenging because they are more out of our control. At its base, anxiety is simply a lack of perceived control over something or a lot of things. Identifying these can give you parameters and a sense of control over your environment and your feelings, as well as putting structure into place for yourself.

  1. Putting structure into place. As mentioned above, anxiety in its simplest form is a perceived lack of control, so putting structure into place, whether routines and habits into place or more physical forms such as keeping your space tidy and clean, can help keep anxiety well under control. Identifying daily tasks and routines that work for you, keeping life organized and flow in the way that makes you feel good, happy and healthy, productive and in control, helps keep yourself on track. Coping with stress doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be quite normal and planned, to get ahead of it instead of reacting to it. When anxious feelings start to bubble up, you can take pause and assess what is undone and out of the ordinary. Putting good habits and routines in place for yourself can benefit your life in a number of other ways. Having a clean home, exercising regularly and being responsible in your daily life provides a great foundation and structure.

  2. Consider going to therapy. Therapists are educated and trained to provide in-depth conversation and techniques to help with the anxiety of all forms. From anxiety therapy in San Diego to find a therapist in your own local area, there are therapy options nearly everywhere. Working through the causes of anxiety can open up more possibilities of healing other areas of your life, too.


No matter the causes and triggers of anxiety in your life, there are a number of treatment options, habits, structures and accountability systems you can put into place for yourself, and work through what is a good solution for you and your life. Anxiety doesn’t have to be this perceived controlling monster but can be a tool for good, if understood and used well. 

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