Alio Reed Diffuser Review

As a homemaker I am always looking for ways to make my home smell cleaner and nicer. This can be quite a challenge at times, because I live in an older house; it simply doesn’t have that nice and new smell. I also have a dog and three cats. And I have a family who does a lot of work and play in the outdoors, which doesn’t always lead to a great smelling house.

For air fresheners we have used just about everything: essential oil diffusers, scented plug-ins, room sprays, fabric sprays…you name it, we have tried it.

Recently I got to try an reed diffuser from Alio.  The scent we tried was Soft Blanket.  It has a nice, clean linen smell to it.  The diffuser is small and cute; it has a very minimalist look to it, and would be best in small spaces.  Currently I’m using it in the bathroom.  It looks great there and puts off just enough smell for this small space.  You can also use whatever number of reeds to desire, depending on how much scent you want.

This is also a great product because it doesn’t involve using liquids of any type. (No water, no oils, no spill!)  It is also a great thing to use if you are concerned about pets or kids.

I recommend this for any small room, and it would also be great for dormitories and small apartment.

Head over to Alio to check out their reed diffusers and other products.

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