5 Best tips that will help you prepare for an asylum interview

The period prior to an asylum interview can be really stressful and intimidating. Applicants are riding an emotional roller-coaster given the importance of the whole process. Not getting documents can be really devastating both for the applicant and his/her family.

This is why preparation is half of the battle.

Like everything else that goes through people, it is very important to leave a positive impression. While asylum officers are very professional and objective, they are prepared to go an extra mile for people who really need assistance. Doing anything against this rule can only backfire. At the same time, they will also appreciate any extra work you perform that will help them determine what kind of a situation you were in. Here are some professional tips from the immigration lawyer Ruby Powers that will help you prior and during the.

· Make sure you’re honest

No matter what you do, it is very important that you’re honest throughout. Asylum officers can easily sniff a lie: they have a lot of experience in this field and they have encountered various cases. This means they can easily establish if something has gone wrong even without you telling them. In some cases, people will be ashamed of their actions and are prepared to omit information just so they don’t disclose this stuff. But, if it works for you, it is much better to provide the information. Asylum officers are usually sympathetic so they will help you out.

· Provide all information when necessary

The same way you shouldn’t lie, you also shouldn’t omit information. Even if you’re uncertain about something, it is very important to notify officers about it. If you get additional documents during the process, it is very important to hand them over as soon as possible. Officers are assessing your case based on all the data they have received. If you have some additional things that might help your case, it is much better to give them.

· Invest in an  lawyer

A Civil litigation lawyer is a quick and simple solution to your problem. Alas, like with any other profession, there are people who can do a bad job and those who will perform flawlessly. Make sure to asses all the available lawyers prior to making a decision. Check the web but also go for personal recommendations. In the end, if a lawyer helped your friends or family, he or she will also help you. Avoid those who are sitting in front of the asylum office, those who are too cheap or have bad reviews. This is something you want to invest in so make sure to go all in!

· Fill all the forms properly

This is something that shouldn’t be said but it is actually strange how many people mess up their forms. First and foremost, you need to fill all the boxes and give every information possible. As previously mentioned, asylum officers will use all this information to asses your situation and will handle the case according to that. Missing info will only prolong the whole process. If there is something you’re unsure of, ask your lawyer or some of the asylum officers to help you out.

· Get a translator

Getting a free translator is something that all asylum seekers should do. Even if your English is perfect, there are certain situations where people don’t know how to react. There might be some specific term you’re not acquainted with. A translator can also help as they can better explain a sentence. If you don’t get one, you’re fully responsible for your statements and not understanding what was asked.

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