Who is responsible for pest control in rental property?

Pests are problematic for everyone. It is a hard problem to fight if you have unfortunately come across this. It is even more challenging if you are living in a rental property. It becomes a conflict between the landlord and tenants about who is liable for responsible pest control. A rental properties’ maintenance responsibility is divided between those two parties. When pest control issues are still not resolved, most people do not know about who should deal with this.

Pests that can annoy you include cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, bees, rats, termites and snakes.

Who is responsible?

It is concluded that this is the responsibility of both parties to control the pests and maintaining the premises for avoiding pests includes repairing, cleaning and safety. It usually needs a pest control spray after a specific period of time. Such cases have been in tribunal where the discussions have been carried and found that tenants should clean the property regularly.

Tenants’ responsibility

They should also avoid habits that invite pests like leaving dirty clothes and dishes unwashed, leaving garbage in the house for more than a day and among other things. There more of a chance that pests like rats, cockroaches, ants and spiders come due to lack of cleanliness.

Landlords’ responsibility

On the other hand, landlords should arrange anti-pest sprays over time. There should be a spray after every month in the area that invites pests. The areas with more greenery like plants, grass, and trees invite more pests as natural environments is home for them.

Generally speaking, the owner of the property is the responsible person for the pests, especially termites. This is something the two parties should not argue over, rather the owner should take a step to remove the pests. It is because such pests ultimately damage the property. If there is any such event just lead, discover, and take measures to remove it.

General Guide

If pests are already present in a house before the tenant moves in, it is clearly the responsibility of landlord. If they attack during the tenancy, it might be due to the negligence of the tenant or it might be not. Both should negotiate and take responsibility equally. Serious pests should never be ignored by any of the party.

If you are a tenant and the landlord is unresponsive, you should make an appointment with a pest control yourself. Keep the record of the expense and negotiate later with the documented facts.

If you are a landlord and tenants are not paying attention to the pests you should take action yourself, give them a notice for keeping the house clean and cooperate until a resolution has been made.

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