Tips for Assembling Flat Pack Furniture


Buying flat pack furniture can save you quite a bit of money and allows you some customization options to your space. However, you need to remember that flat pack can be quite heavy and some if it may be bulky when assembled. Follow the tips below to make your assembly process successful.


Carefully measure your space before you make your final purchase to be sure that your furniture choice will fit. If you’re not certain how to do this, be aware that there are flat pack services who will come to your home to help with this step.


Inventory as soon as you open the box. Depending on how heavy the piece is, you may have to open the box and move pieces one at a time, so find the parts list and check to make sure you have everything before transporting. If the pieces are not clearly marked, find some masking tape and mark them before you move them to the assembly site. Post-its should be taped on for extra security.


Move the pieces to the room where you want your flat pack furniture piece to go. If you have the room, lay them out in an exploded view so you can start to visualize where the sides are, what the top looks like and where the base should go.

Get Help

Having someone nearby to help you hold things together can be very useful. If you don’t have any help, you can use clamps to hold pieces together while you line up screws or other fasteners. Misalignment or cross-threading the connectors during the assembly may result in a piece of furniture that isn’t as stable as you’d like, so take care to get the first assembly steps right.

Hire Someone

There are several services and individuals who can help you put together your flat pack furniture. Not everyone is interested in or capable of DIY, so be ready to step back and let a pro help out. To get a better understanding of what’s available, visit Flatpack assembly services.

Work With Sliders

Once the piece is fully assembled, it will be just as heavy as the original carton as well as bigger and bulkier. When you finish the assembly and stand the piece up, consider investing in carpet or bare floor sliders so you can easily maneuver the piece around your space. Remember that the fully assembled unit may be top heavy. Work from the center to move it against the wall. Pushing on the top may tip it over and pushing against the bottom may bring it down on top of you.


Flat pack furniture assembly can be done by a beginner. If you’re serious about learning how to do this, consider purchasing something small to make sure you can manage the weight. Watch videos on how to line up tops with sides so your piece is stable and safe to use.

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