Taking a Holistic Approach to Improve Your Health

As a mother, when your mental or physical health is compromised, all you can think about is getting better. You know that you need to be the best version of yourself to continue raising your children and providing for your family. Traditional methods of treatment can work, but not without its downsides.

The medication that is prescribed often comes with a laundry list of side effects and invasive surgeries and other procedures put your life at risk while also putting you out of commission for weeks, sometimes longer. While these may be the only avenues you have, in some instances, many women have been looking for alternative solutions. 

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine or treatment is a practice designed to treat a person’s mind, body, and spirit in an attempt to promote all-over healing. The philosophy behind this type of treatment is that a person has the ability within themselves to achieve optimal health by simply rebalancing their life.

Medical practitioners who utilize holistic approaches suggest that the human is made up of various parts (physical, emotional, and spiritual) that are dependent upon one another for wellness. If one part is compromised, essentially, the rest of the body becomes off-balance. 

Examples of Holistic Treatments

The idea is to get patients to start being responsible for their own health and well-being with the support and guidance of holistic practitioners. There are a number of techniques that might be introduced to help you truly heal. Below are a few examples. 

Lifestyle Changes 

Caring for oneself is essential to having good health. Yet, most working moms can agree that’s something that’s often put on the back burner. No matter what you may be suffering from be it depression, anxiety, diabetes, or cancer, the first holistic approach that will likely be taken is educating you on healthy lifestyle changes and the importance of self-care. Here’s what that includes:

  • Diet – nutrition is a key component in health. Someone not eating the proper diet increases their risk of suffering from anything ranging from acne to cancer. Changing your diet to include key vitamins and nutrients strengthens your body and rebalances the mind. 
  • Vitamins and Supplements – The body isn’t always strong enough to fight off disease and illness. This could be a result of the medications you’re taking, improper nutrition, or the severity of the disease. For example, if you were being treated for colon cancer, holistic treatment for colon cancer would include increasing your vitamin and supplement intake to support your body’s immune system in fighting off the disease, as well as, looking into holistic treatment centers outside of the US.
  • Exercise – Beneficial for healing the mind and body exercise is another holistic solution that might be recommended when your health is declining. Exercise helps to build strong bones and muscles, but it also increases your energy, reduces stress, and improves your mood. 
  • Talk-Therapy – Some lifestyle changes are easier to accomplish than others. While you can work with a practitioner to develop the right diet or implement a workout routine, trying to manage stress, deal with a toxic relationship, or get past negative or traumatic experiences from your past isn’t that easy. Talking with a counselor is advised to help you vent and, more importantly, learn how to cope with overwhelming emotions.

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

In addition to making healthy lifestyle changes to recover, holistic practitioners might also recommend that you participate in other complementary or alternative therapies to further enhance your healing. Below are a few examples:

  • Massages – Massage therapy is more than just a luxury treat it’s a holistic approach to treating a multitude of problems. A few sessions with a massage therapist can relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve your range of motion, and boost your mood, just to name a few benefits. 
  • MeditationMeditation is a holistic approach that has been used for centuries. When practiced appropriately, meditation reduces stress, promotes emotional balance, improves focus and memory, enhances your self-awareness, and can even help you find spiritual harmony. 
  • Acupuncture – The idea of having tiny needles stuck all over your body may not seem like a method for healing, however, this holistic treatment method has been a top-pick for years. It helps to treat anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, nausea, migraines, stress, and more. 

When mom’s not okay, the dynamics of the entire family change. Wanting to find relief for your medical conditions without the fear of side effects, long recovery times, or invasive procedures is normal. While you should always consult your doctor in advance, turning to holistic approaches such as those described above can help heal your mind, body, and spirit getting you back on your feet sooner. 


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