Spa Parties: The Perfect Idea for Girl’s Night In

Two things that you likely don’t get enough of as a mom is time with your friends and alone time. You’re so busy working and being a great mom that you often don’t have time for your own social life and interests. If your friends are also mothers, then there’s a high chance that they feel the same. So, what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to host your very own spa party and invite the girls over?

Never thrown a spa party before? These party planning tips will lend you a hand. 

Make Arrangements for the Kids

Trying to have a relaxing evening at home with the girls when kids are running around is a nightmare. It’s best that you find someone to watch them for the night. Talk with your partner about taking over those duties or another relative. If not, look for a reliable sitter that would be willing to watch your children. Some may even be open to watching all your friends’ kids as well so you can assure everyone will be in attendance. 

Choose an Area

Where are you going to host your spa day with the girls? Do you have a large living or family room? Would you prefer to do it in your bedroom or guestroom? As you decide where to set everything up think of capacity, comfort, and convenience. The space should be large enough to accommodate all the girls, comfortable to create a spa-like experience, and conveniently located near other parts of the home they may need like the kitchen or bathroom. 

Set the Mood

Part of the reason that spas are so relaxing is because of the serene environment they provide to their guests. You want to try and recreate this same mood in your house. To do so you will need to buy some scented candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and download a soothing music playlist. Consider dimming the lights or keeping brighter lights off for the occasion as well. 

Spa Supplies

You can’t have a spa night if you don’t have the necessary supplies. First, think about the types of spa treatments you want you and your guests to experience. Then, create a list of items you’ll need. If you’re doing manicures and pedicures, you’ll need a foot massager, foot soak, lotion, nail polish, polish remover, and cotton balls. Plan on giving out massages? You’ll want fresh linens, essential oils, and a massage table or chair. For facials, you can purchase facial masks from a drug store. Just be sure to purchase various types of face masks because everyone’s skin is different.

Don’t Forget Food, Drinks, and Snacks

You and your girlfriends will need something to keep yourselves nourished throughout the night. Since you’re going with a spa theme for your night in, try to keep the same healthy vibe going with your food and beverage choices. For instance, you could serve infused water or herbal tea for beverages. For snacks, you might have fresh veggies and hummus or yogurt and various toppings to create your own treat. For a meal go with something light like mixed greens and a healthy protein like chicken breast or salmon. And, if you really want a bit of a treat you can’t go wrong with dark chocolate. You can order gourmet chocolate bars online of different varieties and place them out for your friends to indulge. That with a nice glass of wine or champagne will have you feeling like you’re in heaven.

Entertainment Can’t Hurt

Besides indulging in the spa luxuries and catching up with the girls, what else can you do at your spa party? A little entertainment could add to the moment. Just try to keep it all relaxing. If there’s a chick flick you guys have been dying to see stream it and watch it while soaking your feet or painting your nails. If you or one of your friends takes yoga classes perhaps you could show everyone a few moves. Maybe you have a backyard with a beautiful view? A few moments of meditation on the back porch is breathtakingly refreshing. 

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

What’s a party without sending your guests home with a token of your appreciation? There are tons of ideas you can give the girls that flow well with the theme of the day. You can give them some bath salts, facial masks for home, small massage devices, body scrubs, homemade soap or shampoo, or candles. All of these things will come in handy when your friends are dying for a bit of relaxation throughout the week. 

As mothers and women, you and your besties do a lot. You’re responsible for the household, children, your relationships, and your career which often forces you to put your own self-care on the back burner. If you’re overdue for a little rest and relaxation make arrangements for the kids and throw your very own spa day at home. You get to relieve some stress, spend time with friends, and prioritize your health. A party like that seems like a win-win.  

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