Matthews 1812 House Cookie Review


I always look forward to a food review, especially when it is for something sweet or from a family owned business. Today I have both!  The people at Matthew’s 1812 House sent me a fabulous assortment of their homemade cookies, and my son and I have been sampling them.

I was immediately impressed with the cookie sampler. It had a variety of great gourmet flavors, as I would expect.

When I was a kid we used to get these little cookie tins filled basically with different types of shortbread cookies, so this sampler reminded me of a homemade version of that, that is to say a WAY BETTER homemade version.

The cookies had some great flavors to then, and they have great texture. They are also soft batch cookies which I highly prefer over crunchy cookies!  

They also sent over a box of fig bowties. My son loves all kinds of fruit so I encouraged him to try these, and he loved them!

They also sent over a jar of Rhubarb topping. We haven’t tried but I am looking forward to serving it with breakfast one day soon.

I really enjoyed the cookies. Apart from just snacking on at home, I think they would make a great personal or corporate gift, as well as a great treat for a shower or small party.

Go over and check out Matthews 1812 House!


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