Items To Sell or Get Rid Of Before Your Move

Buying a home is expensive. By the time it’s all said and done, you’ve likely used all or most of your financial resources to secure the property. When the time comes to start moving, it may seem practical to save money by holding onto everything you can. Contrary to popular belief, however, taking everything from your old place to your new one can cost you more. 

 The more you pack, the more moving supplies you need, the more time and energy you spend packing. Not to mention, whether you rent a moving van or hire movers, the size of your load will determine how much you’ll pay to transport your belongings. 

For these reasons and more, it is simply best to get rid of certain things and purchase new stuff once you get moved in. How do you decide? Below are some suggestions. 

Old Appliances – If your new home doesn’t have appliances like a refrigerator, stove, washer, or dryer, you might be tempted to load your old ones up on the moving van and take them with you. Yet, if the appliances were on their last legs in your old home, it would make more sense to sell your old appliances and use the money to purchase new ones once you get settled in. 

Old Mattresses and Box Springs – Why bring a beat-up mattress and box spring to your new bedroom? They can be the host of everything from dust and debris to mites and other bugs. Transporting your mattress unnecessarily can end up being more of a nightmare than it’s worth. Not to mention, it’s pretty cumbersome to lug up or downstairs and into a truck. Simply order a new organic mattress and memory foam mattress foundation online and have it delivered to your new place.

Unworn or Damaged Clothing – Purging your closets is one of the top recommendations before a move. Over the years people have a habit of holding onto more clothes than they really need. Some have never been worn while others are outdated, stained, or ripped. 

Food – If you have a stockpile of canned or boxed goods in the kitchen you should probably start eating those items before the move. You can also donate some to a charity or give them to friends and family who may be in need. However, these items simply weigh down the truck. As for perishable items, they simply don’t travel well. 

Disabled or Old Vehicles – Cars cost a lot of money to transport whether you’re moving a city away or states away. So, unless the car has some sentimental value to you, it’s best to get rid of it. You can sell it to a salvage yard for parts or try and sell it to an individual buyer. 

Old Furniture – Don’t load the couch with a missing leg or the loveseat with holes in it onto the moving truck. Old furniture will only create a hassle in your new home. Even if you have to wait a while to get new furniture, it’s better than trying to patch up something that could give out on you at any moment. Not to mention it’s bulky so it will be difficult to move and costly. 

Selling Your Items

After you’ve gone through your entire house to discern which things you’ll pack and which you’re going to sell you can begin deciding how you’ll get this done. You can host a yard sale before your move, you can take photos of the items you have for sale and sell them through the classifieds, or you can sell them online through platforms like eBay. While yard sales can be a bit more work, selling your things online will take a lot longer and can cost a lot more to ship things to their new owners.  But you may be able to sell your things faster on Amazon if you use the right amazon marketing.

Moving is stressful enough. It also costs a pretty penny. Why frustrate yourself or stretch your budget further by trying to hold onto things that provide no real purpose or value? Rather than busting your back to move bulky, cumbersome items that will just end up being thrown away once you get to your new place, simply find a way to get rid of them now. Whether you sell them online or host a yard sale, the money you receive from it will certainly come in handy.

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