Headache Hat Review

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this review. The opinions are my own.

I’ve suffered with migraines since childhood, and I’ve been searching for and trying different products to provide relief for years.  One item I have used over the years is an ice pack. I’ve used a number of these! They’ve all worked fairly well (some work better than others) but for the most part they require you lie down to use them.

I have had a couple of wearable ice packs filled with liquid gels or gel beads. These are okay, but the ones filled with liquid cannot be stored in the freezer and none of these packs stay cold very long. Enter the Headache Hat.

When I heard about this product I was very excited. It is a wearable ice pack that also provides compression, and it can by put in the freezer for maximum cold time.

The patented, lightweight and flexible wrap design makes this ice wrap the best relief for all kinds of headaches. Real ice cubes coated in thin plastic layer provides long lasting relief without having the water melting on you. 24 ice cubes (8 in each of the 3 rows) are individually placed in a flexible cotton polyester blend wrap band, and can be moved and wrapped around the head right out of the freezer, or refrigerated for a cooling relief.

I love the versatility of the product. It can be worn pulled down over eyes, from back to front, around neck, draped over the crown of head, or open to lay down on.  This is a plus for me because I often use ice packs at night when I am going to sleep but I often need one during the day when I simply can’t lay down. Now I can sit and work at my computer, cook dinner, clean, or chase my toddler and still get relief!


I usually wear it above the my ears, as shown in the above picture, or I will wear it up over my ears like a beanie, as shown in my top picture. Both of these positions work great for me, as I usually have pain on the side of my head in my temple area.  And as you can see, this also allows you to wear glasses while you wear the ice pack.  (Other wearable icepacks I’ve tried make it impossible to wear glass comfortably!)

The Headache Hat comes with a Freezer Storage Bag and Fleece barrier for temperature control! Standard Size is best for heads that measure 21 – 23 inches.

I personally love it, and I recommend to anyone who has headaches! If you get headaches like I do and you enjoy using cold therapy, I recommend the Headache Hat, available now on Amazon.

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