The Cleaning Dilemma: To Hire or Not to Hire Floor Scrubbers

Cleaning seems pretty straightforward when it’s not. You could hire a team of cleaners to clean the building from top to bottom, but you could be wasting a lot of money if you’re not careful. It may be more efficient and affordable to buy floor scrubbing equipment instead of relying on manpower.

Small-Scale Cleaning

You don’t need professional floor scrubbers to clean rooms and hallways in small businesses, such as family-owned restaurants, stores and individual offices. It only takes hiring one or two maids to get a few rooms clean. Hiring professional cleaning services may not even be necessary. Many businesses get their own employees to do the cleaning tasks.

Large-Scale Cleaning

In many commercial buildings, there are wide, open floors that need a lot of cleaning. These include warehouses, hotel banquet halls, car showrooms, etc. Hiring one janitor to do all of the mopping by him or herself with one mop and bucket is impractical. It will take him half of a day or longer to finish. Hiring dozens of cleaners to do the work overnight is a waste of money and effort.

Ideally, hire one or two cleaners to use an industrial floor scrubber machine. The cleaning is finished in less than half of the time that it takes for a janitor to finish. When a machine is used, the work is more flawless with fewer signs of residue like streaks and spots. A machine moves in straight, even lines that go up and down the floor in rows. However, a cleaner with a mop tends to clean in circular, irregular patterns that are likely to leave streaks. To save money and time and get the best clean, it’s ideal to hire and buy floor scrubbers instead.

“Tired” Cleaning

There are certain days when your employees are running around all over the place and busy with one task after another. By the end of the day, they are worn out, and many are anxious to go home as soon as possible. After serving guests a big banquet dinner, for example, they are not looking forward to the aftermath of cleaning up. In this situation, get out a floor scrubber machine to handle the cleaning work instead of relying on the reduced efforts of tired, irritated workers.

Minimal Use of Chemicals

Floor scrubbers are powerful enough to do the work on their own with minimal use of chemicals. This is a relief to environmentally conscious business owners who don’t want to use hazardous cleaning chemicals. Most people don’t like the smell of bleach and worry about its effects on the environment. When you use the right floor scrubber machine, you sit back and allow the machine to do most of the work without little assistance.

The floor is the most abused part of a room that needs regular care. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand all of your floor cleaning options. The floor scrubber machine is the one and only solution for many businesses. Working with this type of equipment provides the cleanest, fastest and most affordable results

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