Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Health For Your Baby

Pregnancy and motherhood can bring a myriad of feelings, from exciting, through the range of scared, hopeful, anticipant and worried! Bringing the miracle of life into this amazing world and your life can feel very overwhelming at first, with recent decisions and past habits that may not be in the best interest of being pregnant and raising a baby. Tons of people from all walks of life go through their teenage years into early adulthood experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and becoming a mother is very often the driving force of change for leaving all of those toxic habits and patterns in the past.

  1. Making a new plan for your life and getting a strong handle on your lifestyle choices and health status for the best intention and environment for your baby and your own body before your little one arrives into the world can be achieved with some dedication, perseverance and guidance. Detoxing from harmful chemicals in your body can feel a bit, or a lot uncomfortable for a short period of time, but it pays off for you both in the long run. Replacing harmful chemicals and habits with healthy, nutritious and beneficial ones is simple in approach, yet difficult in execution, to start. There’s often an experienced and found sense of clarity when shifting from unhealthy to healthy habits, which can bring benefits that span the entirety of your life.
  2. Replacing nights out drinking with evenings taking a long walk, and a home cooked dinner with fresh, organic vegetables and whole foods can be a fantastic change for your life, both for your health, and for your baby’s health.. Eating well is one of the best acts of nutritious and healthy rebellion we can do for ourselves. Drinking plenty of water, organic teas and other healthy drink options will prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, and healthier life for years and decades to come. 
  3. If these changes aren’t something you feel you can do on your own, you can always consider going to Apex Rehab to get external guidance, structure and treatment.. There are plenty of affordable resources available, no matter your budget and needs, to help you with your journey to a healthier life and an overall better lifestyle for you and your soon to be small family. 
  4. Set goals for yourself, and for your life. What do you want as a mother, now and in the long term? What kind of parent do you want to be for your child? What kind of life do you want to provide for your baby as he/she grows into a school aged kid, teenager and adult? What type of career, home, car and life partner do you want? What are your hobbies, passions and favorite places to travel? How do you want to feel each day, when you wake up until you go to bed at night? These are all factors I, and many others, often consider, even once parenthood is years into progression. 

There are a tremendous amount of decisions and choices to consider when starting a family, whether it’s planned or a lovely yet scary surprise. With some determination, self-discipline and focus on your goals, getting yourself clean and into a state of healthy living can be a fast and very impactful change for yourself, and your baby. Keep in mind, you are not alone in your journey, and there are always loving people available to help, listen and provide structure for you. 

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