7 Signs that a Single-Story Home is the Best Option for Your Family

Two-story houses are popular living options for homeowners because of several reasons: they’re known to be more secure, they offer more design possibilities, and they tend to have better views because of the elevated areas.

A single-story or rambler home, however, also offers plenty of attractive features that make them stand out. In this post, we’re putting the spotlight on single-story homes and the 7 signs that tell you they’re perfect for your family.

1. You have kids or elderly people living with you.

Families that have kids, seniors, or members that have mobility issues should seriously consider living in a single-story home. A home that doesn’t need stairs offers less chances of injuries and accidents, and that makes the house a safer environment. And if you decide to age in place, you can keep on living in the same house and won’t have to worry about choosing a more suitable home.

2. You want lower monthly bills.

Ranch-style homes are more efficient at cooling down or heating up houses because there’s less area for air to travel. Take note that your chosen rambler home builder may tell you that you need a larger and more expensive HVAC system to cover the entire house, but you will still end up saving more money from lower utility costs in the long run.

3. You need a house that’s emergency-ready.

Imagine having an earthquake or fire and needing to evacuate the entire house. If you’re living in a multi-story home, it takes a lot of time for everyone to get down the stairs, especially if you have older people in the family. Rambler homes are perfect for emergencies because all exits and entrances are readily accessible.

4. You’d like more peace and quiet.

Asking for peace and quiet from a family with kids may be asking for too much, but at least with a single-story home, noise doesn’t have to travel between floors. Members are less affected by the noise coming from one distant room than one nearby floor. Because there’s more space for sound to disperse, there’s less noise disturbance for everyone.

5. You want a house that’s easier to clean.

Houses with multiple floors tend to develop dust in odd, hard-to-reach places, which makes cleaning more difficult. You also have to clean the stairs, corners, attics, and baseboards. With a rambler home,

there’s just one level to clean and you eliminate the need to carry the vacuum cleaner to different floors.

6. You like having more natural light.

With single-story homes, you can have higher ceilings and longer windows, which means plenty of light can come in. Research shows that having more natural light helps people in a number of ways. Natural light exposure helps people live healthier lives, be calmer, and even be more productive. More importantly, natural light has also been shown to help adults prevent depression.

7. You’d like a house with better resale value.

Even if you don’t intend to resell the house, it’s important to plan ahead. What if your financial situation changes or your job forces the family to relocate somewhere else? The home you decide to buy or build should ideally fetch a handsome amount when you finally need to resell it. In many cases, one-story homes go for higher on the market than two-story ones, making them a smart investment.

Different families have different needs and preferences when it comes to living space. Living in a single-story house, however, does offer plenty of benefits that make the experience safer and more enjoyable. Is it right for your family? That’s for you to decide. If you do agree with the points mentioned in this article, then there’s a big chance that a single-story home is right for you.

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