5 Things Your Groom-To-Be Will Appreciate During Wedding Planning

Most women dream of the day they’ll get married since they were little girls. They already have some idea of what they want their wedding day to look like and revel in the idea of being able to bring their dreams to life. For men, however, wedding planning isn’t necessarily something they’re stoked about. Most prefer to show up the day of and play their role as the groom-to-be. 

While some women have no problem keeping their beaus in the back seat, others would like the wedding planning process to be something they complete together. It’s a day that both of you will share and look back on forever, and having his input means a lot. One way to get the groom-to-be involved is to find wedding ideas that actually interest him.  You can look for ideas at StrictlyWeddings to get those wedding planning conversations started.

If you happen to be one of those brides-to-be that would like more input from her fiance, you don’t have to go to great lengths to get him to appreciate the wedding planning process. Simply get his input on things he’ll really appreciate such as these listed below: 

  • The photographer

Finding a wedding photographer has never been easier.  You can easily on Google or any social media site and find a wedding photographer northampton (or elsewhere more applicable to you). But with photography being a hobby for many, and some even doing photography as a business or a side business, it will be hard to pick one who is best suited for the task. Ensure you have a look at their portfolio before settling on one specific person, even if it’s someone you know! It’s always best to take a second to check out their work before entrusting a special day to them.

  • The Budget

Long gone are the days of tradition where the bride’s family footed the bill for the wedding. In most instances, the couple getting married is financially responsible for covering the cost. With that in mind, your groom will appreciate you keeping him clued in on the budget. Since he’ll have to help you come up with the funds, the budget is something that should be discussed early on in the wedding planning process. 

Sit down and assess your household budget to determine what, if anything, you have to contribute without having to borrow funds. Then, review your credit histories to see whether you have the necessary credentials to borrow money if necessary. You should also discuss how you’ll repay the loan or line of credit so you’re not struggling with debt as newlyweds. 

  • The Rings

Your fiance may have surprised you with your engagement ring, but when it comes to the jewelry he’ll be wearing for the rest of his life, he’d probably appreciate you cluing him in. You’ll want to know what size ring he wears and what his preferred styles are. While some men might prefer a traditional gold band or something white gold with diamonds, men who work a lot with their hands may prefer silicone rings which won’t get dinged up or hurt him while he’s working. 

Schedule a day for you and your groom-to-be to visit a jeweler. While you’re there, have his ring finger sized. Then, browse the selection of wedding bands for men to get some ideas on which ones he prefers. If you’d like it to be somewhat of a surprise on your wedding day, have him narrow his ring selection down to three. You can then revisit the jewelry store and purchase one of the three. 

  • His Attire

Not too many grown men like the idea of having their girlfriends pick out their attire for their wedding day. They’d prefer to choose their own fashions like a tweed suit, wedding suit. So, don’t deprive him of this step during the wedding planning process. Give your groom-to-be total control over what he and his groomsmen will wear for the wedding. You can have some input such as the colors, but the rest is up to him. 

Let your fiance know that he should choose a day where he and his groomsmen are free to visit a suit shop. There, they can try on different suits and tux styles to determine which they’d like to wear. Again, you can give them something to go off of such as the theme of the wedding, the color scheme, and even show them some ideas on bridesmaids fashions so they can complement their style. 

  • The Booze

If there’s one thing your fiance will enjoy on his wedding day it’s partying hard at the reception. This is where he gets to let loose and celebrate with friends and family with good food and even better drinks. While a few mixed signature drinks might suffice for the ladies, men tend to like harder booze, so you should certainly get his input. Ask him what kinds of beers he prefers? What alcoholic beverages he’d like offered at the open bar, and even get his input on signature drinks so he can request something a bit stronger for the men. 

  • Entertainment

What’s a wedding reception without some fun entertainment? Your husband-to-be may not care much about the decor and menu options offered at the reception, but they will want to be entertained. Choose things like the DJ or live band together. Write down a list of songs he’d like to have played at the reception. You might even ask for his input on overall entertainment. If your fiance is especially talented, he may want to do something like play a song, dance, or some other form of entertainment for the wedding. 

Your groom-to-be may not be as thrilled as you are to plan your wedding day. He may not care about the invitation details, the venue, menu, or the wedding dress, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to do anything. Try your best to include him in the wedding planning process by getting his input on things he’ll appreciate. In doing so, the two of you can put together a ceremony and reception you’ll remember forever.   


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