5 Things Owners Won’t Tell You About Having A Pet Dog

Are you thinking about bringing a dog into your home for the first time? If so, then you need to make sure that you are prepared for everything. There are a few things that other owners won’t tell you and that’s where this guide is going to help out. Also if you’re interested to buy a pug, check on Pug for Sale Ohio.

Puppies Cry…A Lot

When you bring your pup home for the first time, you might be looking forward to a good night of rest knowing that your pup is sleeping sound in its bed. However this hardly ever happens for a few reasons. First, these little pups have small bladders so you can expect them to need to relieve themselves quite a lot. As such, you must make sure that you take them out just before you go to bed and should also be prepared to wake up early to take them out again. 

Another reason they cry is that they miss their mother. Remember, the pup will have been used to sleeping next to their mother and hearing the heartbeat. You can help compensate for this by putting a ticking clock or watch inside a stuffed toy. When you come down you’ll find the pup fast asleep snuggled up to where the clock is, listening to the tick. Music can also help puppies sleep. 

They Talk!

Well, nearly, they certainly try. If a dog needs a walk, a run, wants to play or would like to relieve themselves they will utter a sound. These sounds differ so if you pay attention it is actually possible to work out what they want by the sound they are making. No one has yet invented a device that can accurately tell you what these sounds mean but wouldn’t that be something? Since dogs are domesticated research does suggest that some of these sounds may be an attempt to imitate human voices. Some can get astonishingly close and it can be either disconcerting or cute. 

Other types of behaviour that you can look forward to include a dog literally pushing your hand to give them a rub or stroke their head. A dog doing this just wants some comfort and fuss. Remember, dogs know when they don’t have your full attention. So, it is worth putting the phone down to provide them with a proper rub down.

Dogs Can Relieve Themselves When Excited

A dog can relieve itself without intending to when it is excited. For instance, you might return home from work and be greeted to a puddle on the floor or a wet patch on your rug. It’s a good idea to have an area rug cleaning service on speed dial if you have rugs and dogs in the same home. Even after they have been house trained accidents do happen. Be aware that this isn’t the dog’s fault and it may not be yours either. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have been holding it in for hours. It just means that they became excited and usually, it’s because they were happy to see you. 

Research actually shows that a dog monitors time different from humans. So, what you think of as a couple hours actually feels like a couple of weeks to a dog. That certainly explains why they run around the house when they see you again doesn’t it? 

They Don’t Remember

This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of information that we can pass onto you. Dogs don’t have long term memory in the same way that we do. It’s actually a little tricky to explain but basically, while a dog knows who you are it doesn’t remember key details of the past. What this means is that if a dog does something bad and you find out two hours later, there’s no point punishing them or scolding them. A dog won’t understand what it’s done because it won’t remember doing it at all. It will be a complete mystery to your pooch why you are angry. 

Many owners believe that if you show the dog or take them to the scene of the crime, this triggers the memory. There is very little evidence to suggest this is the case. It’s also worth noting that positive reinforcement is far more effective for training dogs than negative actions. 

They Will Eat Anything 

Finally, and this is particularly true for certain breeds like labs, dogs will eat anything. A dog might try to chow down on a tasty looking rock while out on a walk. As such, one of the greatest tools in your arsenal and one of the first phrases you should teach them is going to be ‘leave it!’

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