Timeless Stamped Concrete Ideas For Contemporary Homes

When you first think of “stamped concrete”, the first image that may pop into your head is dull and boring grey floors with out-of-date patterns. But you could not be more wrong. Stamped concrete is a constantly changing and progressing flooring technique that has been more than able to keep up with modern trends.

It is done by using stamping mats and other tools to imprint patterns or designs into wet concrete. When the concrete and the pattern on it has dried down, it can be stained to a particular color and then polished or sealed to protect the design. Reputable concrete contractors like https://cincinnaticoncreteartisans.com/ can achieve many kinds of modern designs and patterns.

It is a stylish and cost-effective design addition to any modern home. To show you how timeless stamped concrete can be, here are some ideas for incorporating it into your contemporary home:

Grey and Light-Colored “Wood”

Wood is a popular flooring material for homes because of its timeless and classically iconic look. And in recent years, certain kinds of it have been popular as a flooring option for modern and minimalist homes, particularly light-colored kinds of wood like beech, ash, and maple. Many homeowners also use wood stains to color the wood various shades of grey or to add a richness to light wood.

While it may seem unlikely, concrete can mimic the look of wooden floors perfectly. You can achieve wooden floors with stamped concrete in a few steps:

1. Apply a stamp to wet concrete that mimics the look of wooden slats and use methods of hand engraving to apply organic-looking grooves to the concrete to mimic the surface texture of wood.

2. Wait until the concrete has dried before applying a concrete water-based stain that applies an even coat of color. You can also blend and mix colors to give the appearance of a gradient on the wood.

3. Wait for it all to dry before applying a sealer that can be very shiny or that leaves no shine. A sealer is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the floor design.

At a fraction of the cost, you can achieve modern wooden floors that have the durability, longevity, and stain-resistance of concrete floors – all done with stamped concrete.

Faux Stone Floors

Stone is a versatile flooring material that works well both indoors and outdoors. There are many forms of stone that are popular as flooring materials like slate, granite, limestone, and travertine. For a contemporary style for your outdoor spaces, largely cut pieces of travertine tiles deliver a sleek and expensive look.

In general, neutral colors like beige and grey look more modern than other types, and large cuts of stone will look more modern than small tile sizes that can look outdated. Unfortunately, however, large perfect cuts of stone will cost more, and stone floors already come with a hefty price tag.

This is where stamped concrete can save the day. Unlike stone floors where various things can affect the price such as the time needed to install the stones, the stone itself, as well as the rarity of the size and color, concrete floors are generally cost-effective that do not have a lot of moving parts.

A contractor who specializes in stamped concrete can perfectly imitate the look of any kind of stone, including rarer and more expensive types for your home.

Interspersed Concrete and Grass Pattern

A modern and contemporary way of decorating your outdoor spaces is to combine organic and inorganic. And no, we don’t mean to simply grow more plants in your backyard. We mean to combine the two elements that are so usually kept away from each other in a way that calls a naturalistic way of living to mind.

The best way to do this is with an interspersed pattern on your outdoor floors that intentionally brings grass to your floors. You can achieve this by stamping your floors in a specific manner that creates large indents in the concrete.

When the concrete has dried, you can use these spaces to transplant grass or roll out fresh rolls of astroturf. Make sure to completely cover up space you previously indented into the floor. This will make the design look like large tiles of concrete sitting on the grass, which creates a cool and modern visual illusion.

You can choose to keep the concrete that can be seen plain or apply a small pattern or texture to create visual contrast with the grass.

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