Slip And Fall: Nuturing Your Hip Joints Back To Health

Every now and again we see an involuntary action being played out from ourselves. It’s rare to see this because our brain hides these kinds of actions from us. Everything from keeping our heart beating, attacking viruses in our system, to raising or lowering our body temperature. We never get to know what an involuntary actions is until we can actually experience it for ourselves. One of them is how our mind and body work together to prevent serious damage from occurring during a fall. Even without thinking about it, our hands and arms immediately are called into action and they prevent us from hitting the ground hard. However, sometimes, even our primal reflexes are not enough and we land awkwardly. The center of gravity is in our pelvis, so we tend to fall on this part of our body. Inevitably this causes hip pain which we then need to recover from.

Ball and socket

Despite their being not external signs of it, the hip is a ball and socket joint. It’s not as flexible as the other ball and socket joints i.e. the ankle, elbow and shoulder, but it is very strong. However it’s not that strong that it can withstand your entire body falling on the joint. Slow rotation movements can help the ligaments and cartilage around the joint to become stronger. This can be done with the aid of a towel while you’re laying down. You can hold onto the towel from both ends and place it underneath your foot. Then when your leg is lifted and the joint is extending your hamstrings, you’re less likely to give way from the pain or discomfort. 

One step slowly

A severe hip joint injury will more than likely lay you off from work. It’s never easy but you must take some time to properly heal and take one step at a time. However, you will be losing money by not being able to work. This is especially frustrating when the slip and fall wasn’t your fault.  In many cases, a fall or other accident occurred due to negligence, where the owner knew of the danger. If you were injured this way at a shopping mall, a grocery store or even in a building of some kind, you may want to hire a firm that will fight tooth and nail for you. They’ll build up your case and use their expertise in slip and fall laws regarding sustaining an injury. However physically, you should take the time off work to take one step at a time and slowly regain your strength with weight bearing exercises. 


Food for ligaments

The healing of your ligaments for your hip joint is very important for the long term health of your body. You don’t want your knees and ankles to bear most of your bodyweight when it can be the hips and pelvis. Eat foods with high levels of zinc and protein. Fatty fish like salmon and lean beef are the two top choices. 

And hip injury is something that could cause harm to the rest of your body if not nurtured back to health properly. Start off by doing some load bearing exercise and use a towel to help prop up your legs when lying down.

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