Life’s Greatest Reward System

How Life Today is Set Up

Life today may be one of the most advanced structured societies that ever functioned. Everything is systematically arranged in a way that not only makes sense but balances out almost everything about our existence to a science. We have grocery stores for our specific nutritional needs, gyms for our active needs, and libraries for our various ideas or questions. We are very fortunate to have lived in such an organized period in time that actually allows us to function close to our fullest capacity.

Different Types of Awards

Awards can be some of life’s most amazing experiences. Awards come in many forms that usually come with the acceptance of growth and responsibility. Examples of great rewards are: · Trophies or glass awards can symbolize a beautiful representation of your accomplishments.

· Events or parties can be held to bring about reinforcing praise that adds emotional value and support.

· Accomplishments in themselves can be great rewards that can almost have a positive addictive effect on you and your life.

Use Time To Recognize Your Strengths

Now, we can address the topic of today. What are your strengths? What are you good at? It is amazing how we all are different. We may have things in common. We can even share common experiences with others. But we know that no two lives are ever completely the same. In order to thrive in any possible way, we must find our strength.

Our strengths were embedded somewhere in our DNA for specific reasons. They help to give us confidence, satisfaction, and even happiness. Some may be good at sports, music, cooking, and so much more!

School Can Be Used To Help Us Reveal Our Strengths

One thing that should be stressed to today’s youth or anyone who is in school is that school is a wonderful place to define and sculpt your strengths. I am sure we can all relate about classes that we just could not stay awake in or topics in lectures that you absolutely dreaded. This is just a part of life that most of us should take heed to and never overlook.

Neither should we overlook when we are doing great! Almost everyone can relate to this as well. We all have strengths that we just have to find. This is not always the easiest task. Our strengths can be an ability to combat the fear that we had to reveal from experience. It can even be the

ability to make people laugh that was revealed after facing really hard times. Your strength is your reward in life that will continue to reward you for eternity once it is received.

Sports Are Another Way To Reveal Strengths

The adrenaline pumps to your veins as your fans call your name. Remember to plant your feet, focus, breath, swing. 1,2,3 and there it goes! The ball is out of the park! The crowd goes wild!

This is a snippet from the day in the life of anyone who plays sports. Sports are constructed to teach us how to channel our feelings and drives to work properly and give us results! We must learn how to train and function in ways that stimulate ourselves as individuals. The most exciting sports advantage is that we get to share these experiences with a team. Most of us play sports with peers who are learning and experiencing similar things in life. So, this enables us to exercise and express our individual strengths in the ways that will most likely be highlighted in society.

Showcase Your Strengths In Business

Business is the big league of life. Most people will have to use all of the prior discussed situations to enhance their performance in the business world. Those who have successfully mastered their strengths and weaknesses will find themselves in manager positions. Those who know how to go above and beyond to beat fear and setbacks may even become CEOs.

Engaging in business is a way to enhance good qualities. The rewards of it are money plus other forms of gratification that make life better.

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