Ingredients to Have on Hand for Delicious Fall Recipes

Though summer is in full swing, it won’t be long before the crisp, cool, season of fall begins. There’s something about fall that puts a smile on your face. A break from the scorching high temperatures, the upcoming family holidays, the beautiful landscape of fall foliage, and the smell of pumpkin spice and everything nice is just so comforting. That includes the delicious recipes for fall. It’s the perfect season for comfort foods like stews, soups, and good old home cooking.

If you plan on making some of fall’s most popular delights, you’re going to need to stock up on a few ingredients. Fortunately, with this being harvest season, you’ll find a lot of items to try. Below, is a list of things you want to have in your cupboard this fall. 


If there’s one veggie you want to have a lot of this fall it’s going to be a squash.  It’s great to add to soups, dips, broths, salads, or serve as a side dish next to a delicious protein. For those who are looking for healthy alternatives, squash can easily be diced and fried to replace french fries or put through a pasta maker for a delicious spaghetti. Though butternut remains the most popular, there are other types of squash you can purchase this time of year. 


You may not have been aware but granola is packed with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Great for iron, protein, and fiber, granola is a heart-healthy ingredient to add to your list for fall recipes. Believe it or not, you can add granola to your cold or warm cereal, yogurt, or breakfast grains like muffins. It’s also a great salad topper and tastes absolutely delicious sprinkled on a warm slice of pie.


What is fall without apples? You’ll want to stock up on fresh green and red apples. They’re not only good for you but taste great and work well with a lot of fall recipes. You can add some sugar and cinnamon and make warm apples, make your own warm applesauce, add them to salads, bake them in a pie, and make apple crisps. They even pair well with pork so making an apple sauce over some pork chops or other meat adds a bit of sweetness that will make your tastebuds dance. 


Another ingredient that’s impossible to overlook when you talk about fall recipes is pumpkin. Often regarded as the most popular fruit of the season, pumpkin works great in everything. You can make soup, add it to salads, roast the seeds, make a puree, bake bread or muffins, add it to butter, and so much more. Getting fresh pumpkin, as well as pumpkin spice, are recommended for fall. 

Root Veggies

Harvest time in the fall makes for a plethora of vegetable options. You get to expand your palate and try vegetables ranging in color, texture, and taste. Root veggies, tend to be the most popular during the fall. This includes things like beets, turnips, and carrots. They’re great to have fresh but can be included in so many recipes. You can saute them and serve them as a side dish. You can add them to your soups or stews as well. 


Ripe for picking in early fall cranberries are the perfect addition to your cupboard. These gorgeous red fruits are idealistic for more than just sauce you find on the Thanksgiving dinner table. You can enjoy them fresh as a snack, add them to desserts, or cook them down and make a deliciously sweet but bitter sauce perfect for pouring over poultry. You can buy them in large batches and freeze them so you always have them on hand for your fall recipes. 

Fall is a season for cooking. The temperatures make it idealistic for making foods that warm the body and comfort the soul. If you plan on getting your hands dirty in the kitchen this season, you’re going to want to make sure you have a cupboard or pantry stocked with ingredients you’ll need to create amazing fall recipes. From soups and salads to baked goods and hearty meals, the above-listed ingredients are sure to add a special kick to any meal you create. 

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