Guide for Moms Going Back to School

The decision to go back to school puts you in a great position to aim for that promotion or even start a new career. Yet trying to manage going to school with your other responsibilities can get hectic. After all, your kids need attention, and you may also have a current job that requires you to put in long hours. 

This guide will help you to prepare to head back to school so that you hit your educational goals:

Pick Courses That Fit Into Your Schedule

Students today have more options than ever for working an education into their already busy schedule. For example, aspiring architects can now enroll in IPAL programs as an alternative pathway to achieving their dreams. For others, evening courses are still a popular option that allows you to go to school at night, and some schools even have late night or weekend courses that you can take without interfering with family time. Online classes are also an excellent option for working moms who may need an extra flexible schedule. Many online classes let you choose when to listen to lectures and take your tests, which is perfect when you are strapped for time.

Establish a Designated Study Time and Place

When you are going back to get your graduate degree, there may have been a gap since you were last in school. This means that you may need to incorporate strategies that help you maintain good study habits. For example, establishing a specific study time helps you to remember to crack open the textbook. You will also find that setting up a study area with a desk and some supplies will allow you to instantly get in the mindset for doing your homework.

Make Studying a Family Event

There is nothing worse than feeling that sense of mom guilt when you need to study and your kids are begging for your attention. When this moment comes, be prepared by having your kids study alongside you. Older kids and teens can do their schoolwork, and younger kids will love pretending to study just like you with a coloring pad or some preschool-friendly worksheets. You’ll teach your children the value of an education while also engaging with each other in an enjoyable new way.

Work Out a Plan With Your Employer

Most employers are happy to hear that their employees are going back to school. In fact, your employer may be able to help with things such as tuition reimbursement if the company policies allow it. Your employer may also be willing to work out a plan that makes it easier to juggle work and school. For instance, flex time might be an option that allows you to work shorter hours on school days in exchange for working longer hours on the days that you only have to work.

Get Creative With Household Tasks

Your busy schedule also requires you to rethink how you manage your household routine. Consider using time-saving measures such as prepping your meals on one day of the week so that it is easier to cook on the other weeknights. You can also ask for support. Your older kids may be ready to help sweep the floor after dinner or give you a hand with the dishes. When everyone works together, you’ll feel a tighter family bond and have time left over to manage your studies.

While you know it won’t be easy, you also understand that furthering your education gives you more opportunities in your chosen career. Now you know how to handle the most common challenges that moms face with school, you can start picking out your courses with confidence that you will get the chance to celebrate your graduation.

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