Attention Working Moms: Take a Break and Go On a Retreat

You make it look easy but raising children and working a full-time job is no joke. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and plenty of sacrifices. Though challenging, you take on these responsibilities daily to ensure a happy and healthy life for your children. Yet, what about mom? When is the last time you remember taking a break that lasted more than a few hours? Feeling as if treating yourself would be selfish, most women don’t dedicate much time to relaxing and feeding their own desires. 

This type of lifestyle, however, can turn out negatively. You end up resenting your family for all the sacrifices you’ve made. Not to mention you become overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out. Working this hard with no breaks in between, however, doesn’t help you or your family. Simply put, when mom isn’t happy, well-rested, and healthy, she can’t continue to do her job as efficiently. That’s why it is important on occasion to take a long break. 

What is a Retreat?

In basic terms, a retreat is simply a vacation that allows you to withdraw or take a step back for a moment. Most retreats are designed to help enrich your life in some way. Whether it’s learning how to adopt healthier habits on something like this detox retreat in the Caribbean, tap into their spirituality, or reducing stress, going on a vacation such as this can be eye-opening and beneficial for both mom and the family.

Top Retreats to Consider

Thinking that a retreat is exactly what you need? Below is a look at the types of retreats you can travel to:

Meditation Retreats

Meditation has long been regarded as a method for helping individuals to relieve stress. Through these practices, participants learn how to use eliminate the clutter in their minds. It teaches methods of mindfulness or learning how to focus on the present (not the past or future which cannot be controlled). With all the thoughts running around in the minds of working moms, going on a meditation retreat can do wonders. You’ll learn how to relieve stress and cope with many of life’s circumstances in a more positive manner. For women looking to spread the love, there are also mindfulness teacher training retreats you can attend to learn how to educate other women on how to better manage their thoughts and enrich their well-being. 

Spa Retreats

If you love getting a massage on occasion then you’ll love the possibilities that come from going on a spa retreat. Designed to help individuals find inner peace and hormonal balance as well as rest and relaxation, spa retreats are very popular for working moms. During these excursions, you can indulge in activities including meditation, massages, acupuncture, yoga, and more. Using practices from cultures including India, China, and Thailand, participants are taught various methods that help them to recenter while replenishing their minds and bodies. 

Nature Retreat

With the exception of hopping in the car to go to school, work, or the grocery store, spending time outdoors is something working moms don’t get enough of. Be that as it may, being outside with nature is beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. Regular sun exposure helps to improve vitamin D levels, reduce stress, and improve your mood. So, why not go on a retreat where you get to spend time in the great outdoors. Go hiking, camping, boating or swimming in a new environment for a break you’ve never experienced before. 

Health and Nutrition Retreat

Though all the above retreat options help to enhance your health there are some moms who could use a little more assistance when it comes to the health and nutrition department. When you live a hectic lifestyle, doing things like exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep are sometimes challenging. A health and nutrition retreat, however, allows you the opportunity to learn how to fit health and wellness into your lifestyle. You learn about everything from the right foods to eat and how to prep meals to new exercises and ways to accomplish your fitness goals. 

Your role as a mother and a business professional are of extreme importance. Yet, you can’t continue to do either of those jobs well if you’re not in your best health. So, do yourself, your family, and your career a favor and treat yourself to a nice, long, retreat. When you return you’ll find yourself so at ease and filled with helpful information that you’re able to be the best for those you love most. 

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